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 So... just joined.

The Geminids are going to peak this year, Deember 14th.  I won't be able to watch it at maximum because of school. [Guh, I mean, seriously.]  BUT, I was wondering on who else planned to try and view them?
Doll roses

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Just something I remembered off the top of my head.
Ever been gazing at the stars when you've seen a flashing light merrily moving across the sky? I've written it off as being a satellite or something- brighter then normal and the lights are flashing, but I've just thought maybe it was because it was the sunlight reflecting off it or it was closer to earth.
Someone told me yesterday that it's actually caused by iridium flares...
Now the question is- the point of the iridium flares?
2001: A Space Odyssey


Given that the universe is vast and 90 percent of it is still unknown, does anyone here ever wonder if there are other intelligent life occupying some other parts of the universe? (By intelligent, I mean fully conscious, self-aware beings like [most of] us).
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