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someone might as well write something in here... i'm unwittingly really into the Astralwerks roster. seems like every other album i buy is an Astralwerks record... my favorites on AW are:

badly drawn boy,
basement jaxx,
beth orton,
chemical brothers,
ed harcourt,
kings of convenience,
primal scream,
the beta band,
the faint,
vhs or beta,
dimitri from Paris

i own records from several others on AW...

i'm interested in The Dissociatives... i actually liked Silverchair's last album 'Diorama', it was a HUGE step up from the sludge-rock swamp they were descending into... the samples on their site are pretty good... anyone familiar?

also.. if you like pretty much anything on Astralwerks, then check out Andrew Bird... his new album 'The Mysterious Production of Eggs' is great... i've been listening to it nearly non-stop since i picked it up recently...

hes got a few mp3s up, i think.
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