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:x:Name: Alexander
:x:Age: 19
:x:Sex: male
:x:Location: Scriba, NY
:x:5 Favourite bands: Dolour, The Postal Service, Franz Ferdinand, Sigur Ros, Belle & Sebastian.

hehe tiger army is on the stereo in the dining room, and you are right behind me!

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    x:Name:Heather :x:Age:15 :x:Sex:Female :x:Location:New York :x:5 favorite bands: Hmmm...Smashing Pumpkins, HIM, Pink Floyd, and Common Rotation....I…

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    I figured I should fill this out just you all know a little about me. :x:Name: Jess :x:Age: 18 :x:Sex: Female :x:Location: Oswego, NY :x:5 favorite…

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