:x:Location:New York
:x:5 favorite bands: Hmmm...Smashing Pumpkins, HIM, Pink Floyd, and Common Rotation....I think that is it for bands, but as far as musicians go, I love Rufus Wainwright, Damien Rice, Fiona Apple, and Ani Difranco.
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:x:Name: Alexander
:x:Age: 19
:x:Sex: male
:x:Location: Scriba, NY
:x:5 Favourite bands: Dolour, The Postal Service, Franz Ferdinand, Sigur Ros, Belle & Sebastian.

hehe tiger army is on the stereo in the dining room, and you are right behind me!
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I figured I should fill this out just you all know a little about me.

:x:Name: Jess
:x:Age: 18
:x:Sex: Female
:x:Location: Oswego, NY
:x:5 favorite bands: AFI, Coheed & Cambria, Mae, Bleeding Through, Thursday


For anyone who just so happens to stumble upon this community, please join if you share any of the interests. Also, fill out the few questions in the info and post away ^_^

xo Jess
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