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_asr's Journal

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LJ-community for #aspoonedroom on irc.infomatrix.net
We are a semi-open community, feel free to drop by on IRC to say hi and chat for a while. We are mostly nice, at least to people who show a normal level of politeness.
While in our chatroom, please refrain from excessive swearing and abbreviation of three-letter words. Proper grammar and spelling is desirable, but not a requirement.

To connect to the network we are on, your IRC client must be SSL-compliant. For Windows users, this usually means mIRC 6.14 and higher. You also need a couple of .dll files. Installing OpenSSL will fetch them for you. go here to download

Once you are SSL-compliant, /server mp3depot.infomatrix.net:+7100 will connect you to the network (you will be prompted to accept a certificate, do so). Then /join #aspoonedroom and you are in.
If DNS isn't doing its job, the server IP is The plus before the port number is a mIRC thing. Other clients don't use it.