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Downtime: Server is being moved.


We currently don't have an ETA on when dear old will be up and running again. In the mean time, a few of us are hanging out at a temporary #animeRPG at, where we held today's ARPG session. Come join us there if you miss us. For connection information, see

Special thanks go to Ysatis and the other opers for giving us advance warning so we could make alternate plans. As a result, the session was only delayed a bit instead of canceled.

Passaround thing?

I was wondering... would any of you be up for something like this? If you're not familiar with it, we'd start with something (book, video game, whatever) and go through it, and send it off to the next person on the list. So say I start with a book and read it, mail it to rek, who mails it to Maully, who mails it to Gregg, and so on and so forth until everyone's had a go. Then we start all over again. Who would be interested, and what would you like to see involved?

Edit: I think even anime fansubs or hard copy manga would be neat to do since most of us have at least a little interest in such things.

Acceptance speech

Now that I am a pillar of this community I resolve to enforce this place as not being for FServe or spammers. Anyone who crosses me will be fined seventy-five and a half cookies. I mean the chocolate striped kind that taste really good. I won't accept any second rate payments!