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The Perfect Place for Depressing, and Unhappy Icons

_ASOUE - The World is Quiet Here
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated

Welcome to _ASOUE, an icon community based on Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events, the

13-books-long novel that narrates the depressing, unhappy, upsetting life of the Baudelaire siblings. In this

community you will find icons based on the unfortunate events taking place in these children's lives, so if you've

come here to find happy icons that narrate a happy story with a happy ending, then you've come to the wrong


If you would like to become another unfortunate soul to join this community, please read the rules below.

With all due respect,
- An Unfortunate _ASOUE Moderator

Ah, rules, don't we just love them? Yes we do, beause they keep things in order around here, so I

suggest you read them and avoid some unfortunate meetings with the mods.

001 Post icons made by you, and you only. If you want to post someone else's icons, ask them to post the icons themselves.
002 Make sure that your icons are somehow related to A Series of Unfortunate Events, not Harry Potter, or Lord of the Rings; there are other communities for those books/movies.
003 You can only post 3 teasers at a time. The rest of your icons must go under an LJ-cut (if you don't know how to use an LJ-cut, click here).
004 You may NOT post any requests here. If you'd like to request an icon to a certain member of the community, find a way to contact them without requesting in this community.
005 NO bases. This is a community for icons, and icons only.
006 Please be nice. If you don't have anything nice to say about the other members' icons, then don't say anything at all.

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