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Throw yuh hands in the a-yuh if yous a true pla-yuh

the bells, the bells, they beckon me!

are you smart and hot?
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Do you think you are smart? How about hot? Do you know a lot about music, film, books, et cetra? Then apply. this is a rating community for those who know a lot, and are hot.

Mods are: everett_zero and getoff_thecross.

Here is the application. Please post your application and pictures within 24 hours of joining community. Also please use an lj cut.


Your areas of interest:


Favorite movies (3+):
Best directed movie:
Best acting performance:
Favorite actor/actress (3+):
Best soundtrack:
Best movie based on a book:
Little known fact pertaining to film:


Favorite bands (3+):
Best pop band/album:
Best rap group/album:
Best metal band/album:
Best hard/grind/noise/mathcore band/album:
Best indie band/album:
Best classic rock band/album:
Little known fact pertaining to music:


Favorite books (3+):
Best non fiction author/book:
Best fiction author/book:
Best historical non fiction book:
Best sci-fi book:
Best instructional book:
Little know fact pertaining to books:


Party you align yourself with most:
How do you feel about abortion:
Gay marriages:
Our "war on terrorism":
War in general:

3 Pictures of yourself:

!!!, 764 hero, an albatross, angel hair, antioch arrow, apple in stereo, arab on radar, art pepper, b&w photography, badly drawn boy, belle & sebastian, benny goodman, beulah, bill bruford, billie holiday, blues, bob dylan, books, braid, bride of no no, bright eyes, buster keaton, camera obscura, camus, cap'n jazz, charles mingus, charlie parker, chet baker, chick corea, children of bodom, chinese stars, circle takes the square, city of caterpillar, clikatat ikatowi, codeine, colossamite, communism history, conspiracy theories, count basie, cursive, daughters, dave brubeck, diana krall, dizzy gillespie, ella fitzgerald, elliott, erase errata, eric's trip, exsistentialism, fascism, fatalism, film, freshwater fish, fugazi, george gershwin, hank williams, heroin, hot cross, ice hockey, iron and wine, jawbox, jawbreaker, jazz, jeff, jimi hendrix, john coltrane, john corbett, johnny cash, julie doiron, kgb history, kill george bush, king crimson, louis armstrong, low, m ward, maestro echoplex, man is the bastard, marty robbins, matt pond pa, melt banana, miles davis, millipedes, modest mouse, mohinder, moss icon, music, my lai, neutral milk hotel, nina simone, nwa, old slasher movies, olivia tremor control, orchid, pavement, pg.99, philosophy, photography, pinback, planes mistaken for stars, politics, racebannon, rainer maria, ralph nader, rate, rate me, rating, rating community, red stars theory, rilo kiley, rites of spring, rocking horse winner, russian history, saetia, sartre, sebadoh, sigur ros, snoop doggy dogg, socialism, some girls, songs ohia, steve vai, steve winwood, stevie ray vaughn, sunny day real estate, swing kids, the 1985, the album leaf, the anasazi, the autumns, the black heart procession, the dave brubeck quartet, the faint, the history channel, the locust, the lowdown, the marx brothers, the old 97s, the one am radio, the postal service, the shins, the weakerthans, the white stripes, thelonious monk, theoretical girls, three mile pilot, transistor transistor, tristeza, weezer, wwii movies, your enemies friends