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did anybody witness the funeral and all that mumbo-jumbo last week? as much as i hate reagan the president, it was honestly touching. i was horrified to see little bush take the podium during the eulogy. it was really sickening. i sensed the anger in the reagan family's faces during his speech. i thought maybe it was just me until i heard ron make his speech and blatantly call out dubyah on a few things. like when he compared his father's religion and his belief in god's calling as opposed to bush's "mandate". awesome. or the comparison to bush's wearing his faith on his sleeve for political gain. balls. i gained a whole new respect for ron jr that day. that was the best part of the funeral next to watching everyone sleeping during dubyah's speech i.e. prince charles, both clintons, gerald ford, etc. it really got to me that bush had the nerve to speak at reagan's funeral. i didn't much like reagan, but he was an absolute gift to america compared to bush. it's disrespectful for bush to continue to refer to his presidency as continuing the legacy that was reagan. it's bullshit. there's a good article, if you can find it, including interviews with ron reagan jr talking the upmost shit about bush. he actually says, "my father crapped out bigger ones than {that man}". this man was pissed that bush spoke at his dad's funeral. so was nancy. not surprising seing as how bush's refusal to even look at stem cell researching is slowing progresses of cures for diseases such as alzheimers.

random...just wondering if anyone watched it and what their thoughts were.

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new community run by myself and a friend. check it out if you want...we're just trying to get more participation in it. 'frameandcanvass' ....no it isn't a braid community, just a play on the word canvas(s).

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i wrote the following letter as a mass email to my work-section here. it's in response to the NON-STOP news coverage, emails, etc about President Reagan's death.(i apologize to those of you who have not hear the news yet- those of you trapped in wells and whatnot-. i hope you were seated when you read this post.)
i have received, no joke, about 20 emails of the repetitive nature involving our 'down-day' on friday, the mourning of a nation, our half-mast flags, etc. it got so bad that i sent out a mass email in response to the mass emails about down days. this one was an angry one in which i targeted the fact that no one really gave a shit about his death, as well they shouldn't, but that they were going to declare a day off for "mourning" when we all know we'll be drunk....it reads as follows.
"Reagan reagan dead reagan rea-gan passing reagan. The Reagan mourning reagan DAY OFF reagan reagan. In conclusion, Reagan ronald mourning NO WORK reagan.
Thank You."

So today after watching the news, which was nothing more than old coverage of a flag-draped casket being hauled here and there, for about 4 hours while on escort-- i wrote this email in about 20 minutes. now i will go smoke and let my co-workers take it all in. and, with the miracle of the internet, you too can experience it.

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is there anyone here who will please tell me i'm wrong and why? just give me something to make me feel ok about all of this hooplah surrounding someone who died. at 93. of being old.

someone tell me if this is real...


if not...this is one of the most amazing things i've seen in a long time. jesus, we've all heard the theories tha this death was a fake. that he intentionally lost weight and shaved his head. nearly everyone assumed the cancer-thing was a joke until it lasted os long that it became rude to say such. apparently he had an interview with ABC and is 55 years old. that's fucking nuts. and no, i'm not talking about 2-pac or elvis.

although i do have some doubts. i mean, the guy is one of the greatest pranksters we've known. i think it's a pretty good possibility that he may have taped THIS interview 20 years ago or whenever he found out he had cancer. it wouldn't be that hard to make one look 20 years older with makeup and what-not. either way, it's a great idea. to either fake one's death and come back to life 20 years later...or to make a 'return tape' and then really die, giving the tape to someone to hold on to for 20 years to prove that even after death he can still fuck over millions of people.

i hope it's true. i really hope so...what an awesome 'fuck you' to friends, family, and the general public.

okay, seriously

okay, we all need to promote. tell at least a friend or two to come. tell them you won't speak to them until they join, or something.

but until people start applying, will people at least post anything about anything that we can comment on, you know, as if it were some kind of community. like....

did anyone know that another hitchhiker's guide movie is being made???
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