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[icon] Throw yuh hands in the a-yuh if yous a true pla-yuh
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Current Music:Modest Mouse- Teeth Like God's Shoeshine
Time:10:20 pm
Current Mood:accomplished


Your areas of interest:I'm studying to become a funeral director, thanatology, Photography(both and 35mm), Psychology, Chemistry,guitar, bass, piano, saxophone, writting cliche' poetry,


Favorite movies (3+): The Royal Tennenbaums, Requiem For A Dream, Coffee And Cigarettes, Fight Club, Forrest Gump
Best directed movie: Requiem....this movie broke new ground visually
Best acting performance:Tom Hanks in Forrest Gump was pretty rad....Johnny Depp in fear & loathing was fucking fantab
Favorite actor/actress (3+):Edward Norton(he can play any role), Johnny Depp, Gwyneth Paltrow
Best soundtrack: The Royal Tennenbaums,The Crow, Forrest Gump
Best movie based on a book:This is a three way tie between fight club, requiem, and forrest
Little known fact pertaining to film: In Star Wars Luke Skywalker was supposed to be a girl at first


Favorite bands (3+): Nirvana, Radiohead, Modest Mouse, Coheed & Cambria, The Pixies, The Afghan Whigs. The Smashing Pumpkins
Best pop band/album: Saves The Day "Stay What You Are".....an 11 track gem of pop music(remember pop is not just justin timberlake and usher and jessica simpson), The Beatles "The White Album" & "Let It Be"
Best rap group/album: Wu Tang Clan "Enter The 36 Chambders", The Notorious BIG "Ready To Die", Eminem "The Marshall Mathers LP", Outkast- "Speaker Boxxx/The Love Below"
Best metal band/album: Slayer or Iron Maiden....I think metals pretty lame...
Best hard/grind/noise/mathcore band/album: Glassjaw "Everything You Wanted To Know About Silence", Poison The Well "Tear From The Red", Thursday "Full Collapse"
Best indie band/album: The Pixies "Surfer Rosa", Modest Mouse "This Is A Long Drive For Someone With Nothing To Talk About...", Coheed & Cambria "The Second Stage Turbine Blade"
Best classic rock band/album: Bob Dylan "Blood On The Tracks", anything by Buddy Holly,
Little known fact pertaining to music:Radiohead play their music with a technique known as a crescendo effect, which is when you play a note and hold it untill a another note builds up around it...


Favorite books (3+):Run With The Hunted(Bukowski), Requiem For A Dream(Selby), The Rum Diaries(Thompson)
Best non fiction author/book:Bukowski
Best fiction author/book: Selby
Best historical non fiction book: Requiem(brooklyn in the 70's)
Best sci-fi book:Hitchhikers Guide To The Glaxy (Adams)
Best instructional book: some books I have for school?
Little know fact pertaining to books: ummmm yeah right


Party you align yourself with most: The partys are so corrupt, blah , blah, blah,(just had to get that out of the way =) )...But I guess Im a Liberal
How do you feel about abortion: I feel that as a man, I have no right to tell a woman what to do with her body..
Gay marriages: whatever...let them get married(love is love).....the whole gay marriage issue is just a distraction to get your mind off the war anyway......much like the war on drugs was with Nam
Rascism: lame...but it will always exist( did you notice that "Racism" was spelled wrong =P)
Our "war on terrorism": America loves a good war...don't they?? War on poverty, War on Drugs, War on terroism, whatever it's all the same war....thats what our country thrives off of...because it's all we know....our country was founded with a war.....read the lyrics to the national anthem if you need more proof
War in general: I myself think it's stupid....but it's human nature and much like racism, it will always exist.....

3 Pictures of yourself:

(older pic)
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Time:2004-08-25 03:01 am (UTC)
hey i absolutely LOVE the Bush is Over shirt. Wow. makes me feel 100% better. for some reason. found your journal at random.
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Time:2004-08-25 03:09 am (UTC)
+i own that saves the day album, and no matter how hard i want to get rid of it, i just can't; i like it too much.

+that modest mouse album is one of my favorite ever ever.

+Notorious BIG! god rest his soul...

and you mentioned star wars <3

you are the best person to apply here in a long time.
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Time:2004-08-25 03:14 am (UTC)
Thanks... =)
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Time:2004-08-25 03:47 am (UTC)
Requiem for a Dream fan? check
Coheed and Cambira fan? check
Thursday fan? Check
Modest Mouse fan? Check
"Artsy" digital camera pictures of you looking despondant and withdrawn? Check.

Hi, contrived emo kid#633504!

And no.
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Time:2004-08-25 08:33 pm (UTC)
I'm with him, you are very cute, but no
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Time:2004-08-26 03:34 am (UTC)
Hi, contrived, angry, alienated, butt metal dude!!

so way to slap a sterotype on my face =)

1st off....Thursday....The Mouse...and Coheed sound nothing alike....and are far from "emo" as you put it....

Thursday is a hardcore band in every true sense of the word...Hardcore is what happned when the punks realized they didn't have to play "punk" any more....

Modest Mouse is an indie band whos influences range from The Pixies to Tom Waits.....far from "emo"....unless your ignorant ass would call the pixies and tom waits "emo" as well....

Coheed & Cambria is a prog rock/ sci-fi band Whose main influence's are rush and metal bands.....I guess that must make them "emo" as well...

Now If you want to know what real "emo" music is...here's a site that will explain to you what "emo" is...."www.fourfa.com"(sorry no hyperlink for you)....in short "emo" is a style of music that died out in the late 80's and most "emo" albums were pressed onto vinyl(a typical label was sub*pop) and are out of print anyway....

Requiem for a dream dictates what style of music I listen to??
Well if thats the case, you must be "emo" as fuck...because on your application you listed it twice...

"Best soundtrack: Requiem for a Dream
Best movie based on a book: Requiem for a Dream.

Now as for my "artsy" pics in which I look despondent and withdrawn....well I smoke a lot of weed....and well that's why =)

now back to your application
Best pop band/album: Christina Augulera/Dirty
Best rap group/album: Eminem/The Eminem Show
Best indie band/album: The Mars Volta/Deloused in the Comatorium
Best classic rock band/album:

Christina??? Do I need to even say more.....
The Eminem show is without a doubt his worst work....ask any em fan what their favorite album of his and odds are they'll say TSSLP or TMMLP(or even the 8 mile soundtrack) before listing TES
Way to be schooled in hip-hop as well =)

Best classic rock band/album: You left it blank!!!!! So now that's three types of music that you are quite ignorant(know nothing) about...

As for your favorite indie album, you said
Best indie band/album: The Mars Volta/Deloused in the Comatorium

Cedrick(the singer) was in "At The Drive In" before the mars volta(cedrick also has a vocal style to Claudio from coheed, a band you might like if you just got over yourself)...and both of those bands are/were labeled "emo" by uneducated self proclaimed music "know it all's" such as yourself.....So now by your standards your guilty of being "emo" on two accounts.....

Best fiction author/book: Steinbeck/East of Eden.
Have you read anything since the 9th grade??

now maybe if you got your head out of your ass, and stopped listening to lame butt metal. and listened to other types of music.....maybe then you could wax intellectual on the subject at hand....

oh and BTW on your application you misspelled socialism as "sciolism"

To quote Chef from a recent episode of South Park
OH MY LORD!!! You just got served something fierce!!!!!

All my love
<3333333 James ;)

P.S. BTW I looked at your pictures and your hairlines receding....

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Time:2004-08-26 03:40 am (UTC)
P.P.S. Don't bother going over my application and stating that I listed Requiem under best historical non-fiction, I misread it and thought it said fiction...

Also I'm aware of the fact that I wrote both "blank" and 35mm under photography....the blank should have been "digital"

oh and my favorite historical non-fiction book is

Please Kill Me: The Uncensored Oral History of Punk
by Legs McNeil & Gillian McCain
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Time:2004-08-26 03:44 am (UTC)
...and, Thursday? a hardcore band?

I think you must be mistaken about where the line between emo and hardcore was drawn. I think you must also be mistaken by just...about everything you said. I'd correct you all, but....goddamn you, contemptuous effort.

Besides, you'd just turn it into some kind of flame war anyway, since you're clearly not mature enough to handle rejection.

You should just be thankful I didn't pick on your Brand New LJ username.

God, what a joke.
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Subject:Oooh, looks like I struck a nerve.
Time:2004-08-26 03:41 am (UTC)
Making attacks on my character, or my phsyical appearance doesn't make you look any better, nor does it make you appear to be any less of a joke.

...the rest of this is a totally embarassing mess. You don't even know what sciolism means. www.dictionary.com. It's not hard.

I'd bother reading the rest of this, but, you've heard of stooping to someone's level, I'm sure.
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Time:2004-08-27 11:22 pm (UTC)
you looked a bit like dave groul in the sencond picture
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Time:2004-09-12 04:42 pm (UTC)
i want to say no because i don't like lame retaliations, and it was mean to pick on irritums appearance.

but your application seemed alright.

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[icon] Throw yuh hands in the a-yuh if yous a true pla-yuh
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