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Name: Liss
Age: 16
Your areas of interest: zines (publishing and reading them), art (going to galleries, creating, discussing), music (making mix tapes, writing/performing, hearing new stuff), because i'm a nerd


Favorite movies (3+): Juliet of the Spirits, Ghost World, Amelie, Lost In Translation, The Party, Ghosts Before Breakfast, Wild Strawberries, Girl With A Pearl Earring, Frida
Best directed movie: Amelie, because Jean-Pierre Jeunet masterfully made a movie that captured feeling and circumstances through things other than dialogue and the actors' body language: use of colors, cinematography, music (at some points), and other external events.
Best acting performance: salma hayek in Frida...there's not much i can think of to say about it. it was just great, i think.
Favorite actor/actress (3+): Thora Birch, Peter Sellers, Jim Carrey, Audrey Hepburn, Scarlett Johansson
Best soundtrack: toss-up between "Lost In Translation" and "Amelie"
Best movie based on a book: i'd say Little Women, but i thought Girl With A Pearl Earring was dead-on
Little known fact pertaining to film: the first feature film produced in the US was only about 5 reels and produced in 1912


Favorite bands (3+): le tigre, bjork, coldplay, hole, rilo kiley, ben kweller, the shins, sahara hotnights, tracy and the plastics, the streets, the distillers, azure ray, david bowie, death cab, blonde redhead, cibo matto, the donnas, yeah yeah yeahs
Best pop band/album: like mainstream pop? something corporate is pretty good.
Best rap group/album: the streets
Best metal band/album: kittie
Best hard/grind/noise/mathcore band/album: uh..none. i'm not into that stuff.
Best indie band/album: sonic youth "dirty"
Best classic rock band/album: david bowie "fame"
Little known fact pertaining to music: coldplay called themselves starfish before switching to their known name.


Favorite books (3+): "the bell jar" by sylvia plath, "memoirs of a geisha" by arthur golden, "whatever happened to lani garver" by carol plum-ucci
Best non fiction author/book: elisabeth vincentelli
Best fiction author/book: francesca lia block
Best historical non fiction book: "she's a rebel: the history of women in rock and roll" by gillian g. gaar
Best sci-fi book: "tooth fairy" by graham joyce
Best instructional book: "the dick troutman handy-dandy pocket guide to successful suicide" by Dick Troutman
Little know fact pertaining to books: sylvia plath's first national publication was of her poem "bitter strawberries" in 1950


Party you align yourself with most: socialist because i believe that capitalist society and all of the competition that comes with it takes people away from what's really important.
How do you feel about abortion: it isn't really my place to impose my beliefs on the issue when there are so many circumstances that call for different actions.
Gay marriages: it's so lame to fight about this. it's about love, and that's it. who the hell cares what gender they are? i think it's enough just to see two people who love eachother. not everyone is into marriage..take what you can get.
Racism: it's a bit of an isolated problem for me. i think people should lighten up. suddenly, everything we say is racist. i don't think people should censor themselves to a point where any VAGUE IMPLICATIONS could equal racism. it's too much.
Our "war on terrorism": how did bush get into office, anyway? he should be thinking about all the homeless people his limo drives past EVERY DAY.
War in general: there's always a way around it.

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