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Nobody's Hell Like Mine

Name: Charles Ian Hash
Age: 21
Your areas of interest: avante guarde music, and generally being lazy. Formerly, I might've included philosophy, but I'm certain that this community gets enough pretentious sciolism.


Favorite movies (3+): Kill Bill 1&2, American Beauty, Suicide Club
Best directed movie: The Seventh Seal.
Best acting performance: Johnny Depp as Ed Wood.
Favorite actor/actress (3+): Johnny Depp, Benecio Deltoro, Bruce Campbell.
Best soundtrack: Requiem for a Dream
Best movie based on a book: Requiem for a Dream.
Little known fact pertaining to film: In the final scene to Evil Dead, we see from the camera's perspective, the thing that lives in the woods approach Bruce and overtake him. In actuality, that's Sam Raimi on a moped, and that's a real scream.


Favorite bands (3+): Ulver, Dissection, Thoushaltnot.
Best pop band/album: Christina Augulera/Dirty
Best rap group/album: Eminem/The Eminem Show
Best metal band/album: Ulver/Nattens Madrigal
Best hard/grind/noise/mathcore band/album: Impaled Northen Moonforest.
Best indie band/album: The Mars Volta/Deloused in the Comatorium
Best classic rock band/album:
Little known fact pertaining to music: Ildjarn's Det Frysende Nordariket has guest vocals from none other than Ihsan, of Emperor, dealing a serious blow to Ildjarn's kvltness.


Favorite books (3+): East of Eden, Crime and Punishment, Frankenstein
Best non fiction author/book: Bruce Campbell/If Chins Could Kill: Confessions of a B Movie Actor.
Best fiction author/book: Steinbeck/East of Eden.
Best historical non fiction book: Since I care little for historical nonfiction, lets pick one at random from my father's bookshelf that sounds non-fictional. The End of Blackness. Disclaimer:I take no responsibility for any confusion that reading this book may incur, as I am unwilling to actually confirm that it is in any way historical, or non-fictional.
Best sci-fi book: A Clockwork Orange.
Best instructional book: The Zombie Survival Gude by Max Brooks.
Little know fact pertaining to books: East Of Eden was actually not very well recieved at the time of its release. Reviewers were generally of the opinion that it was a mess of an attempt to tell a story.


Party you align yourself with most: Libertarians.
How do you feel about abortion: Abortions for all.
Gay marriages: Firstly, marriage is a religious institution, and thusly, has no place carrying any social or legal ramifications. In my opinion, who has a right to marry does not matter nearly as much as what rights (if any) marriage should entail. Imagine the outrage it would cause if it was proposed that a bar mitzvah carry with it a special set of legal loopholes and ramifications. In any case, things being as they are, to deny homosexuals the right to marriage is, in a sense, denying them a facet of religious freedom, in the same capacity as if we had completely outlawed headscarves for muslims in public.
Rascism: It is an inevitable, but perhaps unfortunate result of evolutionary psychology. In reality, it is a natural inclination to be innately biased against those in a percieved outgroup.
Our "war on terrorism": You cannot fight a war on an institution, and expect to be successful.
War in general: War is also a fairly natural part of the human condition. I shudder to think what a society that didn't fight over petty things like land, and who's skin color is the better would put on the 10:00 news.

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