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[icon] Throw yuh hands in the a-yuh if yous a true pla-yuh
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Current Music:nine to the universe- hendrix
Subject:my application
Time:12:04 am
Current Mood:sleepysleepy
alright i am tired so my wording is really...wacked. let it ride


Name: Jesse W
Age: 14
Your areas of interest: music MUSIC, guitar GUITAR, art, good times, jumping off picnic rock into the river in the summer. right on.


Favorite movies (3+): one flew over the cuckoos nest, chinatown, royal tenenbaums.mmmmmm so many. i also love dumb shit like dumb and dumber
Best directed movie: king kong was extremely cleverly directed
Best acting performance: king kong was very human-like (perosnality)
Favorite actor/actress (3+): jack nicholson no doubt...bill murray, owen wilson (in wes anderson movies)
Best soundtrack: king kong, or rushmore
Best movie based on a book: one flew over the cuckoos nest...or lord of the rings series
Little known fact pertaining to film: this isn't film persay, but mel blanc, the voice of bugs bunny, was alergic to carrots, so he chewed celory for that crunching sound.


Favorite bands (3+): the allman brothers band, robert johnson (bluesman from 30s), cream
Best pop band/album: the beatles are considered pop of their time. best pop album? the white album.
Best rap group/album: i don't know any rappers by name, or any albums. but i do know the wutang symbol.
Best metal band/album: don't listen to metal
Best hard/grind/noise/mathcore band/album: don't listen to that blech
Best indie band/album: nada
Best classic rock band/album: allman brothers band- eat a peach
Little known fact pertaining to music: jimi hendrix was born johnny allen hendrix, but his father, convinced that he was named after a back door man of jimi's mom, changed it to james marshall hendrix, which led to the nickname jimmy, and in the 60s he changed it himself to jimi.


Favorite books (3+): one flew over the cuckoos nest, lord of the rings, to kill a mockingbird
Best non fiction author/book: I forget the name right now, but in 7th grade I read it. It was the memoirs of a little boy in a Nazi Concentration camp during the holocaust..his name was…eli??
Best fiction author/book: again, one flew over the cuckoos nest.
Best historical non fiction book: oh I guess that nazi book would go in this category.
Best sci-fi book: lord of the rings
Best instructional book: edly’s book of music theory
Little know fact pertaining to books: drawing a blank here


Party you align yourself with most: democratic, but i haven’t developed strong views yet
How do you feel about abortion: it should be the womans choice..but then again you could always put up for adoption. also, a fetus is no more a being with thinking ability than a cancer growth. if it has no emotion, then how is it human?
Gay marriages: for
Racism: who would be FOR racism?
Our "war on terrorism": theres just as bad men in Africa as saddam, or so I am told, so I think if you’re going to fight a war on terror, don’t isolate one spot and claim your fighting a war on terror.
War in general: if everyone would just cool their jets and talk things out and not resort to violence, things would be happier. But, as long as there is someone without those ideals, we can’t have peace.

3 Pictures of yourself: yeah that "give soemone a chance" sign is a joke...and the aladin poster as well. but sweet movie

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[icon] Throw yuh hands in the a-yuh if yous a true pla-yuh
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