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Name: Jessica
Age: 16
Your areas of interest: Shakespeare, History, Science Fiction/Fantasy, Strangeness, Perverse Humor, Llamas, Turtles, Sheep, Anime


Favorite movies (3+):
1. Death and Rebirth: Evangelion (Anime)
2. Momento
3. Fight Club
4. Boondock Saints

Best directed movie: Lord of the Rings: Trilogy
Best acting performance: Tom Cruise
Favorite actor/actress (3+):
1. Robin Williams
2. Sean Patrick Flannery
3. Nicole Kidman
4. Gary Oldman
Best soundtrack: Pirates Of The Carribean
Best movie based on a book: Fight Club. It's always better to read the book, then right after you read it, watch the movie. You get a lot more out of it.
Little known fact pertaining to film: Boondock Saints was not released when the film was finished in America because it was after the nine eleven event. This movie, justifying death with religion would not have been tolerated so soon after a terrorist attack. Instead, the movie was released oversea and somehow found it's way back to America.


Favorite bands (3+):
1. The Beatles
2. Tool
3. Eve 6
Best pop band/album: The Beatles: Revolver
Best rap group/album: I havn't really listened to a lot of Rap.
Best metal band/album:Tool: Aenima
Best hard/grind/noise/mathcore band/album: Dont know much about this either
Best indie band/album: I dont listen to Indie music either.
Best classic rock band/album: Band of Gypsies: Hendirx
Little known fact pertaining to music: The first record to sell a million copies was "Chattanooga Cho-Cho" by The Glen Miller Orchestra in 1942.


Favorite books (3+):
1. Ender's Game
2. Animal Farm
3. Dragon Lance
4. Xanth Series

Best non fiction author/book: The Crucible: Arthur Miller
Best fiction author/book: The Da Vinci Code: Dan Brown
Best historical non fiction book: The Killer Angels: Michael Shaara
Best sci-fi book: Ender's Game: Orson Scott Card
Best instructional book: How to cook: An Idiots Guide to Cooking
Little know fact pertaining to books: Scholars believe William Shakespeare may have written A Midsummer Nights Dream play in honor of a noble wedding, possibly that of the Earl of Derby (who had connections to Shakespeare's theatre company) and Elizabeth Vere.


Party you align yourself with most: None
How do you feel about abortion: I feel that abortion is something that the women and the father has to decide together wether or not to go through with it. I support it, but not as a means of birth controll. Removing a cell from a womens uterus is between the women, the father and the doctor.
Gay marriages: Everyone is free to love whom they wish and how they will.
Rascism: Ignorance is often the spark which start the fire.
Our "war on terrorism": There can be no war onr Terrorism because Terrorism is not a tangible thing, therefore there can be no win to the war.
War in general: War is not evil... It can boost economy but it also puts countries into debt. As we have seen with our nation, it has seperated the country into two, but it can also unite people.

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