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[icon] Throw yuh hands in the a-yuh if yous a true pla-yuh
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Time:02:01 am
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Name: Emily
Age: 16
Your areas of interest: Music. Listening, playing, composing. I'm an orchestra geek, what can I say? I love violin, I've been trained to play and compose classically, but I'm starting to learn a bit of jazz as well. Listening-wise, I don't work well with boundaries. If I think it sounds good, I love it.. I also enjoy learning foreign languages, foreign films/music, and meeting foreigners. I'm currently learning French in school and German in my spare time, strangely enough through the introduction of a German chatroom, courtesy of my friends (who are Deutschers). I also like people, and I find that I can work well with most people, especially foreigners because I love the possibility of being able to experience a different culture. I also find all people highly amusing to watch from a distance.


Favorite movies (3 ): Requiem for a Dream, Fight Club, Amelie, Love Me If You Dare (French), Advertising Rules (German), Kill Bill Vol. I and II, The Professional (AKA Leon), L'Homme Du Train
Best directed movie: Amelie. Love love LOVE this movie!
Best acting performance: Ooh, tie between Jennifer Connelly, Requiem for a Dream and Jean Rochefort, L'Homme Du Train
Favorite actor/actress (3 ): Jean Reno, Jean Rochefort, Johnny Hallyday, Jennifer Connelly
Best soundtrack: Tie, Garden State or Requiem for a Dream.
Best movie based on a book: The Wizard of Oz
Little known fact pertaining to film: In the beach scene near the end of The Beatles' "Help", that isn't really John Lennon. He had an appointment, and so another actor had to stand in for him.


Favorite bands (3 ): do composers/instrumentalists count too? Let's see, Beethoven, Iron and Wine, Sigur Ros, Frou Frou, Mendelssohn, Outkast, Die Totenhozen, Zeppelin, Perlman, Heifetz, Kreisler, Stern, Francescatti, The Weakerthans, The Postal Service, Black Eyed Peas, The Shins, Bright Eyes, Pink Floyd...I could go on and on
Best pop band/album: Frou Frou
Best rap group/album: Outkast
Best metal band/album: Metal Church
Best hard/grind/noise/mathcore band/album: Wumpscut
Best indie band/album: THE WEAKERTHANS!
Best classic rock band/album: Led Zeppelin
Little known fact pertaining to music: For 13 years, Tchaikovsky was financed by an extremely wealthy widow. They never did meet.


Favorite books (3 ): The Giver, Pearls of Lutra from Redwall, 1984, Catch 22, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, The Long Walk
Best non fiction author/book: High Tides in Tucson, Barbara Kingsolver
Best fiction author/book: Narcissus and Goldmund, Hermann Hesse. Love it.
Best historical non fiction book: The Wives of Henry VIII
Best sci-fi book: Pearls of Lutra, Brian Jacques
Best instructional book: The Power of Persuasion: How we're Bought and Sold
Little know fact pertaining to books: Barbara Bush's book about her dog was on the best seller list for 29 weeks.


Party you align yourself with most: Libertarian. In short: Industrial hemp is GOOD, War in Iraq is BAD, government needs to get out of the bedroom, less spending on military, more spending on education and health care.
How do you feel about abortion: I could never have one (except if I were raped, I would raise all hell if I couldn't do that), but
Gay marriages: For, and regardless the government needs to get out of the bedroom. Marriage should be about two people who love each other, not another politcal game.
Rascism: Yeah, it's bad. We know. But political correctness is going just a tad overboard; I think people need to loosen up and learn to make fun of themselves a bit more. But yeah, please play nice, don't make fun of,discriminate, or insult people (with the intention to demean someone) because of a trivial thing such as race, to many people (including me) it shows ignorance.
Our "war on terrorism": Disgusts me and is for the most part a failure, although I don't think too many people can say that they aren't happy Saddam is out. Still, I think America has meddled in the business of the Middle East for far too long.
War in general: Looking back in history, a great deal of them seem to be religiously rooted. Wonderful. I'm a pacifist, I believe that all issues can be resolved peacefully and war can be and should be avoided.

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Time:2004-10-08 07:16 pm (UTC)
It's not that I think you're a failed human being or something. But you just don't really interest me. And what you described as your politics isn't libertarian. It would better be described as socialist or green. is there some sort of libertarian chic i'm not aware of?
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Time:2004-10-08 09:01 pm (UTC)
i can't really see any reason to say no.

and what are libertarian standpoints?

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Time:2004-10-08 10:09 pm (UTC)
well, I never was sure what they would be classified as, but after reading the webpage of the Michael Badernik (Libertarian presidential candidate for 2004) a couple of weeks ago, that seemed to be confirmed. I assumed the views of the presidental candidate for a party are also the views of the party?
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Time:2004-10-10 12:24 am (UTC)
i think thats the way the american system goes...
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Time:2004-11-23 02:20 am (UTC)
I know I'm not accepted or what have you yet - or ever - ha. But, I would like to say my only problem with the veiws of the Libertarians' platform is their economic stand point. Adam Smith originated that whole idea of free market and it wasn't really working out (ie; immigrants in the industrial era). "The Jungle" by Upton Sinclair was a good book to make me re-think the practicality of free market ideals. I know it's sort of like a socialist propaganda book near the end but hey - I'm no socialist, but I have to say Walt Brown is WAY hot (haha). I think we need to settle for something in between 'no government intervention' and this intrusive policy that the Government has with... well... everything. The idea of a free market is like communism - it works great on paper but not on people.

Don't get me wrong I'm not trying to bash Libertarians; I LOVE their social views.
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[icon] Throw yuh hands in the a-yuh if yous a true pla-yuh
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