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[icon] Throw yuh hands in the a-yuh if yous a true pla-yuh
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Subject:applicatin i hope the cut works
Time:02:05 pm


Name: Kevin
Age: its only in the single digits of monthes before i am no longer allowed teenage angst and must resort to twenty something angst which is usually drowned in alchohol instead of livejournal and bad goth poetry about cutting your arms off and getting your heart stomped by "boots of indifference"
Your areas of interest: well....your apathy turns me on...., and so does anything that distracts me from nihilism, strange things and creative things, music, making and listening to it, drinking soda all day, social interaction, filling out areas of interest with excessively verbose interests like having a sign of "llama crossing" on my wall that i got from mendicino california, which while tranquil and being a location that can only be described as halcyon it is also boring as fuck


Favorite movies (3+): amelie, lost in translation, being john malkovich, end of evangelion, ghost in the shell, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
Best directed movie: being john malkovich is pretty trippy but im gonna go with eternal sunshine of the spotless mind cuz gondry is king
Best acting performance: well its a close tie between james van der beek playing a dumbass (but he cheats cuz he is one), and johnny depp in most anything but i give it to russel crow in beatiful mind
Favorite actor/actress (3+): johnny depp, gary oldman, paul bettany, robert deniro, giovanni ribisi, scarlett johansen, glenn close, jodie foster, audry tattou
Best soundtrack: lost in translation OR high fidelity
Best movie based on a book: fight club
Little known fact pertaining to film: originally every movie you think is cast with perfection had an alternate shitty lineup the director preferred. but luckily someone was busy getting hit by a car or something and the correct good actor was cast


Favorite bands (3+):Bjork, Aphex Twin, Smashing Pumpkins, Portishead, Sana, Squarepusher, max tundra, Blonde Redhead, radiohead, pixies
Best pop band/album: smashing pumpkins - siamese dream
Best rap group/album: eminem's first album
Best metal band/album: dream theater - awake
Best hard/grind/noise/mathcore band/album: meshuggah - contradictions collapse (seriously amazing album)
Best indie band/album: interpol - turn on the bright lights
Best classic rock band/album: anything zed lepp, bowie or queen touched
Little known fact pertaining to music: it is made up of notes but eastern music uses micro tones which western music does not acknowledge. eastern music requires an infinitely more tuned ear. but somehow always sounds the same to me =\. someone should make a band called "microtone microphone"


Favorite books (3+): geneology of morals - Nietzche, Democracy for the few - Parenti , snow crash - stephenson
Best non fiction author/book: into thin air
Best fiction author/book: snow crash - neil stephenson
Best historical non fiction book: napoleon's biography
Best sci-fi book: snow crash
Best instructional book: sex for dummies
Little know fact pertaining to books: ebooks will take over soon with the invention of screens which use e-ink. meaning it only takes battery power to move the pixels but after the screen is turned off the pixels remain so you can read without straining your eyes or your batteries WOW


How do you feel about abortion: one please! without parental notification please! cuz im sick of overpopulating and people who cant pay for their kids please!
Gay marriages: marriage is a religious institution. keep it out of government. there shouldn't even be straight marriage. just civil union. its economics and numbers not love or anything else. theres no place for something thats ruins lives even in simple situations in a big government.
Rascism: i refuse to acknowledge race in any real setting, only personality and behaviour
Our "war on terrorism": i hate religion. so i hate how we wont blow up a mosque cuz its holy. i hate arbitrary anything thinking. religion is brainwash, ESPECIALLY in the case of the current wave of terrorism.
its too hard to root out terrorism without impeding on the lives of non terrorists.
terrorism isn't THAT big of a problem in american's daily lives but its cuz we gaurd against it. that should continue to happen. look at what happened in russia... :( :(

i dont believe using power is shameful cuz thats slave morality religious brainwash.
War in general: see above. that said using logic to keep the world in order by preventing unneccesary conflict is always good.

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Time:2004-09-06 10:07 pm (UTC)
SPAAAAAAAAAAACEBOOOY you'll kill meeeee-- oh, sorry. i was sidetracked.

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Time:2004-09-07 02:46 am (UTC)
Snow Crash!

You win.
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Time:2004-09-07 10:22 pm (UTC)
Yes from me
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Time:2004-09-12 04:32 pm (UTC)
No. Because the one child policy is going so well in china isn't it?
Everything else was more or less fine, but your views annoyed me. Sorry.
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Time:2004-09-20 10:47 pm (UTC)
I love anyone who loves Dream Theater. No apathy here.
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Subject:whoa irts been awhil
Time:2004-09-28 11:00 am (UTC)
and as everyone can see, this place is dead now. but if it matters at all, you are in.
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Time:2004-10-18 08:10 pm (UTC)
Join ooohlalah Fun, new, and active!

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[icon] Throw yuh hands in the a-yuh if yous a true pla-yuh
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