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Welcome to _ascension, a Tales of Symphonia Alternate Universe Role Playing Game. Here, we explore the possibilities of what could have happened if Tethe'alla had been the declining world-- not Sylvarant.

The characters are all virtually the same as their 'true' counterparts; however, their roles can be vastly different at times. More information on character roles and plot are down below. Also, character back-stories are all the same.

If you'd like to join us, you may apply for a free character. The mods try to keep up with who-is-who, and also try to keep the user info updated... but we're also notorious bums who have lives outside of the RPG like fanfiction! like school and stuff. But whatever.

On with the rules and application!


How The RPG Works

This RPG is basically run by connected character journals; each character has their own journal, and should post in it regularly. Whenever you make a character post, you must also post it in the _ascension journal. There, all the other characters can see and respond to the entry via comments.

If you want to make an entry or part of an entry private -- or only viewable to a few characters -- just put it under an lj-cut tag with the heading of "Private to (whomever)" or just plain "Private".

Actual roleplaying is done thru AIM. Two or more players get together and 'log' the entry; this is done when we need to do some face-to-face interaction and stuff. All logs must be in the Third Person POV, past tense. No exceptions.

All logs should be posted in the ascensionlogs journal, also behind a cut. When posting a log, please fill out this form so the other players know what it's about.

Characters: (The characters involved)
Rating: (This is in case there's smut or gore)
Summary: (What it's about)

After that, post the log under a cut, and you're good to go! Also, when posting a log, each character should have their own 'color' for their paragraphs; such as the parts that Sheena wrote would be purple, Lloyd could be red, Colette blue... whatever. Colors aren't assigned, just make sure it's not all one block of color. Or, each time you switch 'turns', put a 'Lloyd:' or whomever tag in front of the paragraph, so we know it's Lloyd or whomever.

(Makito: Hello~ I would be Silvie's counterpart, the other mod of this humble RPG. Don't worry about having to remember this snippet of information about the form and colors. I went and put a nice guide in the user info of the logs comm. for easy access, should anyone (like me >>;) forget. <33)

All OOC comments and posts go to ascensionooc. Feel free to introduce yourself, babble, say when you'll be on, or whatever else you can think of, in there.

If all this confuzzled you, check out the _foreverfantasy RPG for a good example of how we work. After all, the mods did base the system off of that RPG. We're so shameless...

General Rules

1. Play Nice, Kiddos.

No name calling, bashing, or Sue/Stu accusations. If you have a problem with how a character is being played, or with a player, contact the mods. We'll do our best to work everything out.

2. Be Active.

If you don't post, comment, or IM anybody for a while -- a while, as in a month or so -- the mods will contact you with a warning. If you don't have a decent excuse for not being active -- and if this has happened several times before -- you'll get booted. If your character isn't so important, don't be afraid to IM the other players anyways! We want to be a happy little community.

3. When in Doubt, Ask the Mods.

Any important pairings or plots should be run by the mods to see if they're okay. No insta-romances, unless your characters are already paired, such as Alicia and Regal, Yuan and Martel, etc etc. This RPG is yaoi/yuri friendly, but NOT just for smut. You have to build up the romance and make it plausible. Also, should there be a pre-existing relationship (IE: Alicia and Regal) and the players no longer want them together... (Say, Alicia didn't want to be married to Regal anymore, and so she ran off to join Zelos' Hunny Harem) Or if you want your character paired with someone, clear it with the other character's player first, and then both players must bring it to the mods. Again, there must be a plausible reason they want to be together, and you have to develop it. We'll give you the go ahead.

For plots, we mean ransacking villages, blowing up ranches-- stuff like that. Just run it by us mods, and we'll give you the thumbs up or down on it.

4. To All Grand Cardinals, Renegade Leaders, and Cruxis Seraphim:

Since you're playing leaders of cults, you get to NPC Desians, Renegades, and angels for your ranch/base/Derris-Kharlan. This is just for log purposes; the Forcystus player would NPC the Desians of Forcystus' ranch, and so on and so forth.

On Applying

1. Be Literate.

Chatspeak, l33t, and fangirl-speak are not welcome in the posts or logs. Unless you're being silly in the OOC chat or journal, you really shouldn't make Kratos go, "OMG THAT IS THE _CUTEST_ SWORD EVAR OMG OMG". Good spelling, grammar, and punctuation leave a lasting impression on the mods. (Makito: Because once you get to know us, we won't sound as cool and intelligent as we do now. We've been known to get downright stupid. But that doesn't mean you can slack off. We're real sticklers about literacy, and you WILL get your butt chewed out. *Firmly nods*)

2. The Maturity Factor.

We know it's mean, but we'd rather nobody under fourteen apply. This RPG needs some maturity, because there will probably be some players you don't like, pairings you don't like, plots you don't like... whatever. We need people who can shrug and bear it. Anyone under thirteen will not be accepted; besides, you have to be at least thirteen to get a Livejournal. Don't lie about your age! If you're thirteen, and think you can make it, go ahead and apply; we just might accept you. Just don't lie about your age.

3. The Waiting Game.

After you've applied, sit tight for a bit. The mods each try to check the RPG e-mail at least once a day, but we're lazy bums very busy sometimes. We also need to deliberate amongst ourselves if you'd be good at playing the character you applied for. If we take more than a week, feel free to attack us on AIM, and send us the application again. Don't make a character journal until you're accepted! Remember, we may reject you. We'll send you a reply via e-mail when we decide.

4. Rejection.

If you get rejected, don't lose hope. We will tell you why we rejected your application in our reply. Don't be afraid to try again! Your character may have already been taken, or needs to be NPCed for a while.

5. On Original Characters.

Currently, the RPG doesn't need any original characters; at the moment, the only OC so far is the NPC Lamia (who is a throw-away character that guides the Chosen of Tethe'alla on the Journey of Regeneration). However, feel free to apply for an OC if you are already a member. Said OC will be picked apart by the mods to see if it would be interesting to have them. Other than that, the application process is the same, although there's a lower chance of you getting the OC than getting a regular character.

To make sure you read this, please put, "Yggdrasill is a ghetto princess" in the subject of your e-mail, along with "_ascension application: (character name)". ...and this isn't serious, just to make sure you read it. Really.

The Application

Your Name: (Your name, nickname, alias, whatever. Just so we don't have to call you 'Hey, you!' or something.)
OOC Journal: (Your personal journal-- not the one you use for characters. You aren't supposed to have made that yet anyways!)
AIM SN: (Your AIM SN. Pretty self-explanatory. You can make a new one for RPing if you'd like, but you don't need to.)

Character Name: (Your character's name. Duh.)
Character Personality: (What your character acts like, on the surface and on the inside.)
Character Relationships/Interactions: (Who does your character have friendships/romance/family bonds with? And how do they act around other characters?)
Brief history: (A brief history of the character, so we know that you know the character.)

Example RP: (An example roleplay. Third Person POV and in the past tense should be the format, again.)
Example Journal Post: (An example post in the character journal. If you're accepted, you can use this as the character's first entry.)

Send all applications to this address:


Character Roles

Zelos Wilder

Zelos is the Chosen of Regeneration for the currently-declining world of Tethe'alla. Though he's much beloved by the people, the Church of Martel doesn't have much faith in him.

Sheena Fujibayashi

A mercenary hired by the Church of Martel to protect Zelos -- and possibly, later on, Seles -- on his Journey of Regeneration. In exchange, her hometown of Mizuho will be given full protection via the Papal Knights, as well as statehood. Sheena -- above all -- is loyal to Mizuho, and nothing else. Though she doesn’t know it, Sheena can form pacts with Summon Spirits.

Regal Bryant

The heir of the Bryant legacy, Regal ran away from home so he could elope with his lover, Alicia. The both of them attempt to pass themselves off as mercenaries, though they don’t pull it off very well. They were hired by the church of Martel as bodyguards for Zelos and Seles.

Alicia Bryant

A former maid to the Bryant family, younger sister of Presea, and currently Regal’s wife, Alicia travels with her husband wherever he goes. Though not a martial artist like Regal, Alicia knows a bit of self-defense and a little of the Healing Arts. She’s more useful at cooking, though. Soon after she began working at the Bryant mansion, Ozette was attacked. Alicia believes all of her family to be dead.

Presea Combatir

Soon after her younger sister went to go work for the Bryant family, Ozette was attacked by the Desians, and Presea was taken to the Sybak Ranch. She was inducted into the Angelus Project as another specimen. Since then, she’s lost almost all of her emotions, and can be ordered to do anything, due to the Cruxis Crystal that’s taken her over. Also, Presea doesn’t look a day over twelve, the age she was when she was kidnapped.

Seles Wilder

Zelos’ half-sister and the heiress to the title of Chosen. Seles was sent along on the Journey of Regeneration because the Church doesn’t believe that Zelos will be able to complete it. When she was three, her half-elf mother attempted to kill Zelos -- unfortunately, Zelos’ mother died instead -- so Seles could be Chosen. This, obviously, wasn’t meant to be, and thus her mother was put to death, and Seles was sent to the South East Abbey.

Lloyd Irving

Specially contacted by Yuan of the Renegades, Lloyd is a slightly-unwilling assassin. His reason for coming to Tethe'alla and stopping the journey of Regeneration is to protect his own world of Sylvarant. Not only this, but he cares deeply for the Chosen of Sylvarant -- Colette -- so he'd do anything to keep her from being sacrificed to regenerate the world.

Raine Sage

Lloyd's companion, who makes sure he doesn't royally screw up. Although she is as unhappy as Lloyd is about killing someone in cold blood, she views it as a necessary evil. Though she claims to be an elf, in reality, she is merely a half-elf. In Sylvarant, she is a well-respected teacher and professor-- not to mention one of the few authorities on ancient temples and ruins.

Genis Sage

Raine’s little brother and Lloyd’s best friend, Genis is a very intelligent young half-elf. Like his sister, Genis claims to be a full-blooded elf. When he discovers a letter Raine wrote him -- which details what she’s doing and where she’s gone -- Genis shows the letter to Colette, unsure of what to do. Genis is a prolific student and an amazing spellcaster.

Colette Brunelle

Colette is the Chosen of Sylvarant, and you couldn’t find a sweeter girl in all of both worlds. When Genis shows her Raine’s letter, she insists that they journey to Tethe’alla to stop Raine and Lloyd. Since she knows that she and Genis cannot journey to Tethe’alla alone, she hires Kratos, a wandering mercenary.

Kratos Aurion

A traveling mercenary hired by Colette and Genis. Not much is known about him.

On Ranches

There are five ranches in Tethe’alla, one for each of the Grand Cardinals. Read below to find out where they are, and which Grand Cardinal rules over them.

Meltokio Ranch :: Magnius
Sybak Ranch :: Kvar
Altamira Ranch :: Pronyma
Flanoir Ranch :: Forcystus
Remote Ranch (near Tower of Salvation, hidden in the mountains) :: Rodyle


If you want to apply for a Grand Cardinal, and have a better idea of where they should be placed, please put your ideas in the application. We’d love to hear them!


The plot is pretty basic. This is pretty much like one big AU fanfiction. The theme is thus: “What would have happened if the story started in Tethe’alla, not Sylvarant?”

And that’s just about it -- you’re allowed to run with it however you’d like. There are a few things that have been planned out – but those are sekkrit modly things that you need not know at the time! So yup. That’s it.

The RPG will get started when we at least have a good part of our Tethe’alla group; it’d be nice to have the nine main characters taken, but I’m not too bothered by it.

Taken Characters: (Updated Febuary 1st, 2004.)

Tethe'alla Team:

Zelos Wilder (_casanova)
Player: relares
AIM: NekoSilvie

Seles Wilder (pancake_hat)
Player: kage_ohkami
AIM: SelesPancakeHat

Sheena Fujibayashi (pending)
Player: hakukaen
AIM: Misere Mei

Regal Bryant (shackled_chef)
Player: jamiefawkes
AIM: Makito chan

Alicia Bryant/Combatir (___tranquility)
Player: relares
AIM: NekoSilvie

Presea Combatir (___brokendoll)
Player: shimmersea
AIM: LadyShimmersea

Sylvarant Team A:

Lloyd Irving (gentle_idealist)
Player: shokora_kukki
AIM: Gentle Idealist

Raine Sage (raine_sage)
Player: greyangel
AIM: SpringGrl1

Sylvarant Team B:

Colette Brunelle (__tinyangel)
Player: shimmersea
AIM: LadyShimmersea

Genis Sage (always_upward)
Player: nuele
AIM: thehi5guy

Kratos Aurion (namida_nashi)
Player: arivess
AIM: LadyArivess

Those Other Guys:

Yuan (capeguy_yuan)
Player: jamiefawkes
AIM: YuanTheCapeGuy

Botta (Pending) (Journal Pending)
Player: (Pending)
AIM: (Pending)

Grand Cardinals (And Other Such Bad Guys):

Pronyma (lady_pronyma)
Player: nuele
AIM: thehi5guy

Lord Mithos Yggdrasil (hero_of_yore)
Player: arivess
AIM: LadyArivess