Heh. Right. We've come this far; at some point I should let myself believe that anything's possible. Even still..

A most unsettling sight... to see the tower of Salvation here, and yet.. to know that it isn't.. Sylvarant. The flourishing world.

Two worlds.. two Chosen.. and now, two towers.


I can't quite figure out what it is that is disturbing me about all of this. This cycle of life and death.. of regeneration and decline..

Regardless, following after that Chosen is the most that we can do.
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Well. So here we are, in Tethe'alla. A world that shouldn't exist.

Perhaps if we're lucky.. we can find out the reason for why it does. Instead.. we have to search for this so-called Chosen. Yuan.. he dropped us vague hints on what to look for, though seemed rather against us speaking to the boy at all. Not that he's even told us his name.

Ugh. Such terrible business this is. I can only hope that Genis and Colette are staying out of trouble..

Hm. What am I saying? ..They're sure to be fine, with her family looking after them.. I've been with Genis all his life, so some time apart, maybe won't be too bad for him.

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Even though Regal and I were, um... a little late, we still managed to get to the Oracle. It was very interesting, although I must say, I am beginning to really hate dark places. It was so dusty! I was very tempted to run up and find my feather duster, but that wouldn't be very guardian-like, I suppose.

The Chosen is, ah... unique! Yes! Very unique. Although very...friendly? I must say, if his hands stray, he may find himself on the wrong end of my battle staff. Regal and I made sure that we got one that was pointy on the end.

I like Miss Sheena, though. She seems very capable. I admire her for that -- I can't fight hardly at all, and it's only because I have the tiniest bit of elven blood in me that I can learn even the lowest of the Healing Arts.

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(is written stiffly and pristenely, like a computer)

Damage to system.

Down 35%.

Sacred wood sucessfully delievered. Return journey delayed.

Efficency output returned to average in three days.


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It is almost time for Tethe'alla's Journey of Regeneration, and Kratos is still in Sylvarant. Perhaps that is just as well. I doubt Tethe'alla's current Chosen will be much of anything. Even his own people do not completely believe in him. It does not
matter. The Chosen lineage there is very much alive in his younger sister, who, in addition to being female, has a much closer match to Martel's mana signature. It is unfortunate that she is reportedly so frail of health, but it should be nothing a Cruxis Crystal-given perfect body would not cure.

Turning now to other matters, I have had reports of activity amongst the Renegades. I still cannot believe they have a leader intelligent enough to deceive and befuddle me for so long. It must be one of my high-ranked commanders, but I cannot waste men of those talent by killing all of them. Once I find out his identity, however, I will crush him!

That brings me back to the original concern with the Renegades. What exactly have they done this time?

...Maybe I will send one of the Seraphim to investigate.
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Wow. This is all very shocking.

Regal and I are to accompany the Chosen on his journey of regeneration, along with another young woman whose name is Sheena. I was so startled when the Pope himself hired us! We recieved a large sum as a down payment for our services; once the world is regenerated, we are to report to the Pope to recieve the rest of our money.

We also recieved a very...strange, order. We are to go retrieve one Seles Wilder from the South East Abbey, and bring her along on the journey. How odd! Why on earth would the Pope want this little child to come along on the journey of regeneration? Does he not have faith in the Chosen?

We were all given these connected journals; I must admit, they are ingenious inventions of what little mana we have.

We leave to pick up Miss Seles as soon as the Chosen recieves the Oracle. It's so strange; today is the Day of Prophecy, yet the Oracle has not yet come...why do I get the feeling that when it does come, it will be at a very inconvenient time?

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((Don't kill me Silvie! AIM was being gay on us when we meant to log it!))

Yuan looked down at his immaculate handwriting, reading the letter over again before sealing it away. "Lloyd Irving-- The fates of your Chosen friend and Sylvarant are in serious danger. Meet me in Triet, next to the inn, for further information in two days."

Yes, that worked fine. He had seen them once before, passing thru Iselia, and they'd be easy to spot in the Triet crowd. They had no choice but to come once he met them and dropped some subtle hints as to the predicament. Stuffing the parchment into the envelope and sealing it shut, he wrote Lloyd's "address" on the front and called one of his undercover Renegades in to deliver it. Yes, with the aid of a Rheiard, he'd have it delivered within the hour, and then it was only about a day and a half's journey to Triet from Iselia.
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