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HI A & A H kids 

My sister sent me this job posting for an event organizer for a month this summer at Oakville Galleries (Full time) but the down side is, you need 2 years experience in event planning and other stuff, but maybe some of you have these qualifications, if not i think its worth applying to anyway! I would, but I will be happily studying in ITALY!!!! 

here is the link : Oakville Galleries Job Posting 

best of luck !
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Get Down time

There is a Get Down... and it will be just as much fun as the first one was.... except this time, i'm hoping that more people will show up.... that means YOU!! the cost: free, the location: Annie Smith Mezz, the time: friday april 28th, at 10pm... the reason: to celebrate the end of yet another awsome art and art history year!

so Bring IT!! and if you want, bring a friend, or 2 or 3, :)

see you then
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Grad Formal

Attention 2006 Graduates:

I just found out yesterday that there will be a grad formal taking place on Friday, June 16th. It will take place at the Pavilion Royale in Mississauga.  The first 100 tickets cost $35, and then after that the price will go up.  You can purchase your tickets at the ECSU office (first office on your right) at the Student Centre.  Please do come!  It'll be fun!  A night of dinner and dancing is always a good thing!!!
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everyone listen up

1 - go to the sandwhich Q tomorrow at 12ish in front of annie smith, come early for those of you who arn't there already because this is like our last day together

2 - you are all welcome to come to John Armstrongs "painting pot luck dinner" in toronto on April 21st, we are all allowed a guest or two, so defintatly feel like you can come despite the fact that some of you aren't in painting...again, this can be our "end of year celebreation/party" as it seems no one really has anything planned.

Ok that is all, hope to see you there. let me know if you need info about John's! and be sure to bring something to munch on (as it is a pot luck)


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Has anyone taken the Course ENG 100 - Effective Writing?

I may take it over summer, but it feels a but redundent to take it now that i've done 4 years of university...but I'm desperatly searching for classes that will fit into my scheduale.

If anyone has taken it can you let me know if a) it is worth taking and b) is there any annoying group work and or do you have to tell your writings to the class outloud?


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tej, tom and i have all written angry letters to the principal of utm concerning the academic disruption. if you've got a moment, it might not be a bad idea, since the more letters they get, the more likely it is they'll do something about it ("it" being our tuition fees being absorbed, the busses and artist lectures cancelled, and missing out on time with our professors in our graduating year).

Grad Photos (forget the strike I gots REAL problems!!!)

So I booked my grad photos (on tuesday) for tomorrow at 2:40pm and low & behold, yesterday I get a large awkward zit right under my right nostril. HOT. It's still there and doesn't seem to be letting up..

I just tried to reschedule the appt. for next week, but alas, all the spots that work with my time-table are full now!!!
YARGGGGG!!! let's hope their airbrushing skills are mad sweet...or that my zit magically disappears by tomorrow!!
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this email is from UTM

All University of Toronto Students currently enrolled in courses offered in Joint Programs with Sheridan College

FROM: Professor Ian Orchard Vice-President and Principal, UTM

RE: Disruption of Academic Programs

As a result of the Sheridan College OPSEU strike, following on my recommendation, the Vice-President and Provost of the University of Toronto has declared a disruption of the academic program in accordance with Section II.3 of the Grading Practices Policy. The following guidelines will apply to each program. In devising these guidelines, we have sought to preserve the academic integrity of each course and be fair to students enrolled in each program. With the very few exceptions noted below, students will not be required to complete additional make-up classes following the end of the regular term.

Art and Art History

During the strike students enrolled in FAS courses should be working independently on projects and readings that have been assigned by the faculty before the strike. The deadline for this work is Thursday April 6th. This work will be graded by your instructors when they return to work. It is expected that grades for all FAS courses will be based on the entire term's work. In exceptional cases, final grades may be based on a pro-rating of graded student work (and other components of the course grade like participation) completed before the strike.

Students who do not wish to complete the course under the revised procedures may withdraw without academic penalty. This must be done on or before April 11th.

If you have any questions, please contact Stephanie Sullivan at 905-828-3899 or at ssulliva@utm.utoronto.ca

note:: I already emailed Steph about where we're actually supposed to hand in said work.
god this is retarded. thanks UTM.