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so i opted out like every year... but i never read the emails..

"By completing the opt-out form, you are agreeing to withdraw from SAC's Health/Accidental Death & Dismemberment and/or Dental Insurance Plan "

... death and dismemberment?!?

what fun am i not having that the other kids at utm are?
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Hi friends,
this is from www.ad-ac.ca, it is the art dealers association of canada webstie. I notice they are accepting resumes for an internships this fall, they seem to do this every year but you have to be graduated, which a lot of us are now.
You can't have experience in a commercial gallery, but if you worked at Blackwood that's cool. I know from years past a lot of Toronto galleries participate and maybe even some in Mississauga.
SOOO this if for anyone looking to get an arts related job!!!

good luck!!!

National visual arts internship program

PLEASE NOTE: All placements have now been filled for 2005/2006. The 2006/2007 Internship Program will be accepting applications in July and the program will begin in late August 2006.

This program provides post-secondary graduates with career-related employment opportunities in Canada to help them acquire advanced skills and become leaders in their field. This project is funded by the Government of Canada under the Youth Employment Strategy's Career Focus Initiative.

The program is a seven-month (30.3 week) paid internship to begin in late August. Placements will be available in various cities across Canada (T.B.A).

Participants will have the opportunity to gain employability skills by being mentored by the nation’s leading art dealers and by being involved in a variety of projects including: participation in national and international art fairs, website development, catalogue design, creating and managing databases, marketing initiatives and coordinating visual arts magazines. Participants will be exposed to a wide range of art: from African and Inuit sculpture, to contemporary Canadian installation and traditional European paintings.


Who can participate? Youth must be:
• between the ages of 15 and 30 (inclusive) at the time of intake/selection;
• post-secondary graduates;
• Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or person on whom refugee protection has been conferred;
• out of school;
• legally entitled to work according to the relevant provincial/territorial legislation and regulations; and
• not in receipt of Employment Insurance (EI) benefits

A Visual Arts background is essential as this is a career-related program. Participants must not have prior labour market attachment (no prior experience in a commercial art gallery).

Please forward your resume and cover letter to:

sharlene@ad-ac.ca (Attention: Sharlene Beierling, Manager Programs and Operations)

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ok kiddos.. i'm sure there are some of you left that haven't graduated yet.. i think.. sigh....

anyways here's the dates if you need 'em for registration.

July 6 - First year student course enrolment begins.
July 12 - Fourth year student course enrolment begins.
July 18- Third year student course enrolment begins.
July 21- Second year course enrolment begins.

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Hey there,
I'll be attending this program later on this year.
I'm from mississauga; However i am not planning on living at home - Any recomendations? Advice? or tips?
I heard a lot about renting townhouses with a whole bunch of people, that being far more cheaper than living on res, Some people even recomended living in Toronto; however commute seems really hard.
How is the commute like from Oakville to Mississauga on transit? Do you guys recomend a car?

Any help would be tres rad.
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i will be working at this thingy if anyone wants to come out (it costs nothing)...

Mercer Union and Wavelength present a release party for:

Brian Joseph Davis’ Yesterduh CD

Wednesday, May 24th 8:30 PM at Mercer Union, 37 Lisgar St. Toronto, FREE

The CD

For the month of April, artist Brian Joseph Davis ran a recording studio at the Mercer Union artist-run centre.

Passersby were stopped and asked to sing, from memory and with no practice, the Beatles' Yesterday. Davis then took all the versions recorded and created several different mixes to be released on CD including:

- A mix featuring 60 (!) layered individual tracks of people trying to remember the words to Yesterday.

- A haunting soundscape in collaboration with Japanese musician Aki Onda.

- Several solo versions featuring the most unique and made up lyrics.

All these tracks are available for free download from the artist’s website at:


A limited edition CD with elaborate packaging will be available for sale. The packaging includes a silk-screened "LP" style sleeve and a metallic ink print poster.

The Event

Entertainment for the evening has been curated by the Wavelength organization. The highlight is a rare performance by Vigilante Justice, the teen hunger force (featuring members of Ninja High School, Pyramid Culture and other bands) that performs early '90s techno classics a capella. In honour of Yesterduh, they will also be performing a special Beatles "mega-mix." DJing for the evening courtesy of Giz Nad, K.P. Regina and May 2-4 birthday boy, Jonny Dovercourt.

This event is Free and begins at 8:30PM, Wednesday, May 24th at Mercer Union, 37 Lisgar St.