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18 June 2005 @ 11:20 am
Something very beautiful that a friend shared with me...  
Beautiful! :) May we always remember this:

From: ‘Yogi Sri Krishnaprem’ by Dilip Kumar Roy

“You say you find it hard to go on. That is a good sign. This path is the hardest in the world and as long as we find it easy we may be sure we are not getting very far but just free-wheeling easily along a level road. Oh yes, we may be happy and peaceful for a time but that happiness or peace is illusory; anything can disturb it and we achieve nothing. His peace is something quite different, something that has its being in the very heart of tremendous winds. Winds which would shatter us to atoms. It is only when the strain begins to tell on us, when the breath comes short, that we can know we are really climbing. Till then, all that we have done at most is to go over rapidly the ground we covered in a previous life. This life begins when the strain comes on – scarcely before. There is no attainment of Him until the egg-shell of self is broken. Why then should we complain when the breaking-strain begins to come on? With pain we are born both physically and spiritually, but it is the inner life we seek and not the self-enwrapped bliss of uterine existence.

Fill yourself with Krishna, occupy your thoughts with Him, and let all your actions be for Him. Surely you will find Him……………………..

…..Why worry over what your fellows around you say or do? Each of us has his or her own egg-shell cracked. Some are cracked in one way, some in another, but all are broken in the end…….

…………..See Krishna, think of Krishna, act for Krishna and, if you believe me, you will find Krishna with the uttermost certainty though the world should crack and open up beneath your feet. This is the truth. All else but Him is nothing, absolutely nothing”.

For Krishna...substitute any name of God (or an Avatar) you like. :)

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