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you say salvation, i say liberation

many religions have that certain thing that they share in common.

hare krishna chants on beads saying the Hare Krishna mahamantra 108 times, catholics have rosaries and say the Hail Mary 54 times..

most, if not all, religions have a book they consider to be the everything of their faith. we have the bhagavad-gita, christians and their denominations have the bible and other supplements, muslims have the koran, judaism has the torah...

and many of these books teach goodness, simple rules to live by, and other morals that are more common sense than spiritual.


there are die-hards in every faith. the ones who take things to extremes....who stand on corners telling you that you're going to hell, those who show up at our festivals and tell my children that their mother is taking them to hell...the ones who judge you based on how you look, what you do, and your own personal moral code.

these people make their religion have a bad name.

and my question is, how do we even know what religion is anymore, when everyone takes what they want from it and twists it to benefit their OWN beliefs and principles?

catholisism says "thou shall not kill" yet they eat meat...

christians talk about being like christ, but then they turn their backs on people who don't measure up to their christ-like standards.

hare krishna's preach about simplicity yet temple presidents are driving BMWs...

muslims say their faith is about love and peace...yet...well, we know about that...

i could go on, but i really should be working.

i just wonder, how does god feel knowing how much his people have bastardized his teachings...

just a thought...
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