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Hello, everybody.
I just joined and noticed there hasn't been a thing posted since jan so I thought I'd make a contribution.
Here's some pen sketches (?) I did last year:

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Criticisms appreciated.
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new artist

This community looks interesting...so I joined.

I'm learing stained glass and I like to make mandalas that follow the logarithmic spiral patterns of flowers in nature. My favorite style is Art Nouveau.

Are similar in form to

Nature is the best place for inspiration, IMO.
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a freshman in art

hello, I am new to this community.
I am a freshman in Art but I am very interested in Art.
I have one question to ask about "paint":
What exactly is acrylic paint? if u know,pls explain in detail.
what is meant by "landscapes boldly painted in lurid acrylic colours seldom encountered in nature."?
Thank you for your time.


that was the sound of breaking glass.
ark hive is now free to sail the trade winds and follow the tide...

and with luck collect a few stories along the way ~>


-this being the fledgeling community that it is any thoughts, ideas, or suggestions ( useful ones especially ) are most welcome.