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hey guys...
for any of you who work or know about the aritzia in square one-
theres been a sale going on for a while now, i was just wondering .. whens the sale gonna end, and do you think theyll still have those sale items in by this friday? or even next week?

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eBay post?

Hey! I hope this is allowed! I'm selling a pair of Rock & Republic Dark Trick Roth jeans in Size 26 on eBay, and I thought you guys might be interested in knowing. The pair was actually my first Aritzia purchase ever. :-) It's been worn less than ten times, and I've taken very, very good care of it. It's at $85 + shipping (the shipping quoted is to the US, but I called my post office today and it costs the same for me to ship to Van). Thanks!


P.S. Is it just my Aritzia, or are all of their employees tall, beautiful people?
uh huuuhhh

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i've been considering getting a winter coat from Aritzia for the upcoming harsh winters in Toronto, and it'd be nice if i could get some input from anybody whose owned one before ? i'm especially looking at the long one, with the fur hood - kind of parka-ish.

does it keep you really warm, or is it so-so ? i'm kind of concerned that it didn't feel too thick, and it's not down filled but does the fur lining inside provide equal or better warmth ?

thanks ! :).
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Hey All,

So there's the new Aritzia opening up at Fairview Mall at the end of August, and I recently was hired to work for that location.

But I'm getting feedback that people think it won't be able to survive there. What do you all think?