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Here's my brief introductory message:

I've been a healer, clairvoyant, and astrologer for over 35 years.

Each month I make available free horoscopes, and as of this year I'm posting them up on my LiveJournal, so friend me, and you can read them on your Friend's page.

From time to time I also speak about something in a little more depth, or perhaps share something interesting and relevant I've found. You can find that sort of thing at my website under Podcasts, or on my Journal when I copy it over. My discussion on the astrology of 2012 was particularly popular for some reason, so I'm drawing special attention to that.

Part of my motivation behind my venturing into LiveJournal is that people might give me some feedback, and suggest popular topics I might analyze, so please leave comments and criticism - I don't know what to talk about unless you tell me.

Good to be here, and please enjoy my Journal!

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Hi all, it seems I've not been here for years! :)

I am the creator of 'Astrotwins' website

Few days ago I'd seen some LJ user asked anybody to interprete his natal chart, and nobody answered. To add worst to bad, someone explained him, that astrologers don't like to work without fee. I agree, those who work must have a reward. But yet this case seems to me rather unfair.

So for a while I will make short free interpretations of horoscopes.

My rules are here:

ARies Question

hey i'm an aries and i was wondering if anybody knew of any good sites that give more in depth info on aries and the sign and stuff? I'm new to the sun ruling mars and that jargon LOL ... i feel like a idiot, but that's why I wanna learn more about my sign.

help fellow aries people! :-)
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Dear friends,

My collection of VIP Arians reached 86 persons and got images of them all.
I believe it is far more interesting to see faces of your astrotwins than just read names.

Another new feature is a search engine at the top of each page. For example, you can type ‘Joanne Rowling’ in it, click ‘Search’ button and find out that the author of Harry Potter books is Leo-Snake. Totems of Griffindor and Slytherin? And if you visit the page Leo-Snake, you will see Daniel Radcliffe has that very combination too... Well, now you can use your fantasy and make discoveries of you own.


Those who don’t know the year sign click HERE