Well, I'm in an *iRRiTaTeD* mood. So, let me just say this community is really annoying me. Those who agree to move the community and/or have members reapply, comment. This community is way too open. We need to clean it out, or something. We need to do something. I'm also open to suggestions on this.

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Okay guys this is important.

First thing.
Reply to this entry if you would like to stay a member. If you don't by April 15th you'll be kicked out of the community. And have to reapply if you want to be in it again. This post will be repeated various times before your chance expires.

Second Thing. I'm losing the point system. Because well I have a life and it's hard to keep up with putting the points on for people and stuff and I lose track. I try to be I get tired and stuff...Member of the month will now go to the most active member!!

Third Thing. New theme because no one seems to be doing this one. How us you and your friends! How crazy you guys are together and how much fun you have together. I want lots of pictures of various friends and maybe storys! Come on guys!

Fourth Thing. We have another Co-mod. She is my lovely friend Jackie who is already a member. You know her by the user name _symphonies. Woo go Jackie go! ♥ :)

Okay guys! Getting replying, posting and promoting!!

Your lovely mod,
Cindy xox