I've got my diamonds, my fitted, and my mink on♥ (xtinker_13ellx) wrote in _areyouhott__,
I've got my diamonds, my fitted, and my mink on♥


Age/Birthday: 15/ 2/8/90
Location: New Windsor
Marital Status: single

MBR, MCR, TBS, Rufio, queen. the used, the ramones, flogging molly, fall out boy, atreyu, senses fail, alkaline trio and more..
Song: rufio- she cries & road to recovery. MCR- headfirst for halos. Alkaline trio- every thug needs a lady
Store: filenes
TV Show: south park, Will&Grace, gilmore girls
Movie: POTC, Chicago, The Notebook, Moulin Rouge, Taking Lives
Fondest memory: My second day of working at the Ren. Faire and meeting alot of friends that I'm close with now which lead up to my first local show over in Green wood lake where I met such awesome people and had a real good time.

Gay Marriage:
Love is love. Just because your gay dosnt mean anything. If a gay couple is willing to deal with the responsibility of marriage then they have just as much right as a straight person does.
War: War sucks. TOo me I think its a real bad way to handle something. I really dislike bush for letting it happen I think its a terriable thing to have to wake up in fear of your country being bombed or something of that sort. War just really sucks.
Underage Drinking: To me I find the drinking law odd. because a lot kidds my age and under still do it and even if you are 21 it still getting drunk and people do alot of dumb things when drunk whether your 13 or 23.
Plans for the future:
I plan to go to college for design and create my own clothes line. I want to get married and have a child or two as well.
If you could have one thing, what would it be and why?: A job, I liked working in the summer and having money
How did you find out about us: someone promoted to my LJ a long time ago. I'm just reapplying like it said too
Promote to two communities OTHER than promotion communities or two livejournals.:
Any last words?: um thanks. and I hope I get picked...again. lol♥

[.*Cam Whore*.]
Post 4 or more pictures.


One picture for the members page, 100x100 please:http://g.myspace.com/00044/22/06/44746022_l.jpg

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