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Stamped//Photo's From my Zoology Trip To New York. Hope you injoy.

Image hosted by A Tiger.
Image hosted by A little monkey,cause now i want one.
Image hosted by The Very Sexy Audra and Kryssie(those 2 were my girls on the Trip)
Image hosted by Audra riding the Komodo Draggon
Image hosted by The Boys Mike and Josh. Josh was putting on my J-Lo Glasses and attempting to look pimp. And Mike well Mike's a an extreem cutie.
Image hosted by The Pleasure bannana. Which Audra tried to take advantage of Stacy With.
Image hosted by The Stoop Kids. We had people pass us and go "Look NY City Kids".
Image hosted by Those were made entirely out of Lego's how cool is that.
Image hosted by Photobucket.comJesse Snow. In the Pool. What a facial expression.

There's some more picture's i'm going to get from Kryssie. and i'll upload those one's later cause i'm in those one's ;)

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