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I'm Fucking Hott, And You Know It?


Name: Ivy

Age/Birthday: I'm 15 years old and my B-day is 11/17/89

Location: Northridge, California

Marital Status: Single


Bands: The Beatles, Pink Floyd, The Killers, HIM and Muse

Song: Wicked Game by HIM or Time is Running out by Muse

Store: I don't really have a favorite...If I see something I like...I buy it, doesn't really matter what store it came from.

TV Show: Degrassi, Jerry Springer, and Room Raiders

Movie: Edward Scissorhands, Freaky Friday, Thirteen, Nightmare Before Christmas.

Fondest memory: Uh...fondest Probably when my boyfriend took me out to dinner for our 9 month anniversary, and he like spoiled me all day. He's so cute and I love him very much.. but were not together anymore, but still that was a really nice memory.


Gay Marriage: I think it's beautiful. I don't understand why people have such a problem with it. If you love someone, be with them, don't let the fact that their the same sex as you stop you. It shouldn't matter. It's retarded, if you love with them.

War:  Well, it really depends on the reason. If war is necessary then yes I think it's okay. But for example, what we are doing rite now in Iraq or w/e...that's extremely pointless.

Underage Drinking: Well, I'm neither for it or against it. I think no matter what parents say or do their kids are going to drink before they are 21 anyways. I just think it's stupid if you do it constantly and are always out getting drunk. But if you can drink in moderation I really don't think it's a horrible thing.


Plans for the future: You know, I have dreamed about being a Psychiatrist my whole life. Hopefully, that's what I will wise. But other than that I would love to 'settle down' and have a family with someone I love.

If you could have one thing, what would it be and why?: A Magic Carpet. I know that sounds dumb but wow. Lol Kind of childish maybe, but I've always just wanted to be able to fly and what not and just a magic carpet would be sooo cool.

How did you find out about us: I am a member in Fcuking_pretty and you're their sister community so I thought I'd join here as well.

Promote to two communities OTHER than promotion communities or two livejournals.:


morbidly_obese  </span>

Any last words?: Please accept me=) I will be super active =)


[.*Cam Whore*.] Post 4 or more pictures. :


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