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I'm Fucking Hott, And You Know It?

Ashley Nicole.
Age/Birthday: [4/1/89] 15
Location: Walled Lake.
Marital Status: Single. [but taken in a way].

The used, straylight run, breaking benjamin, akon, three days grace, tbs,
Song: existentialism on prom night [currently being played non-stop].
Store: A new store at the mall, called "Rule". for some reason i like it, its just to expensive.
i like to shop at thrift stores too.
TV Show: Degrassi.America's next top model.ect
Movie: THE NOTEBOOK.the breakfast club. pretty in pink.
Fondest memory: The night my best friend came over, and we hung out the entire day, till midnight. Or when my good friend kirk carried me home, after i fell asleep when we layed in the grass.

Gay Marriage:
I have nothing against it. I dont, "swing that way" but i dont think anyone should be kept from loving, who they love. you cant help who you love, your not suppose to. so i dont think the gov. has the right to tell you who, and who you cant marry.
War: I hate war. i really do.
Underage Drinking: As long as people drink responsibly, and dont "drink and drive" im fine with them making there own decisions. right or wrong , i cant tell people what to do.

Plans for the future:
Im going to go to Art school, and someday i hope to be a writer. i just love art in general.
If you could have one thing, what would it be and why?: To fine love, and have love. This is a really corny answer, but like most teenage girls i just want to be loved, and love in return. I've never had it, and thought i did once before but they hurt me really bad. I think "Love" is one of the best general feelings anyone could have.
How did you find out about us: My friend brittany[chicken:)] is a member.
Promote to two communities OTHER than promotion communities or two livejournals.:

Any last words?: Many people think i try to hard in my application, and im sorry im really not trying to. i just write alot, and ramble on. and well i tell it how it is so i would be good for a community like this., and thats all im going to say, at the moment.

[.*Cam Whore*.]
Post 4 or more pictures.


[ I have 28907434 more, but my computers being a peice of crap, so this is all i have to share . there not the best, but There alright. Thank you ].

One picture for the members page, 100x100 please:

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