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I'm fucking hot, and you know it?

Name: Christina
Age/Birthday: 16 12/30/88
Location: Saratoga Springs, NY
Marital Status: single

Bands:Incubus, Dashboard Confessional, John Mayer
Song: Wish you Were Here by Incubus
Store: American Eagle
TV Show: The O.C.
Movie: A Walk to Remember
Fondest memory: When me and my friend Shannon dressed up one of our guy friends, Josh, in one of my skirts and a cute purple top and had him walk around the neighborhood. He got honked at by soo many cars, it was hilarious.

Gay Marriage: I  have no problem with it. I personally think its awesome, people should be able to like whoever they want to like and it shouldnt matter.
War: I hate the idea of war. The number of people that die is ridiculous, when in the end how much has the killing really helped anything? I think there are other ways we could solve our problems than by killing millions of innocent people.
Underage Drinking: Personally, I dont drink. I used to get upset when I found out my friends were drinking but I realized that it's their decision and I respect that. As long as people are doing it responsibly its alright.

Plans for the future: go to college, become an elementary school teacher some where close to where I grew up and hopefully meet the person I want to spend the rest of my life with. (haaa corny I know)
If you could have one thing, what would it be and why?: happiness/good health for my family and friends
How did you find out about us: my friend Sarah is in this community(____bizarre
Promote to two communities OTHER than promotion communities or two livejournals.:  here
Any last words?: thanks for reading this!

[.*Cam Whore*.]
Post 4 or more pictures.

One picture for the members page, 100x100 please:

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