xox~Leah~xox (_kissmebaby) wrote in _areyouhott__,

I'm hot and you know it??


Name: Leah
Age/Birthday:15/December 12
Marital Status:Taken

Bands:linkin park
Song: beautiful soul
Store:abercrombie and fitch
TV Show:summerland
Movie:a walk to remember
Fondest memory: my first kiss


Gay Marriage: um i think its kinda weird but theres nothing wrong w/ it. Gay guys/girls are people to.
War: too many ppl are losing the ones they love
Underage Drinking: its bad

Plans for the future: go to collage and hopefully get married.
If you could have one thing, what would it be and why?: I want a car so i can travel around the world
How did you find out about us: fallen_heart promoted me
Promote to two communities OTHER than promotion communities or two livejournals.
www.livejournal.com/users/inthespotlite and www.livejournal.com/communite/hot_shyt

Any last words?

[Cam Whore*.]Post 4 or more pictures
One picture for the members page, 100x100 please

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