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Im fucking hott, And you know it?

Age/Birthday: 14, May 12
Location: Austin Texas!
Marital Status: Taken <33 By the most amazing guy i could ever ask for.

Taking Back Sunday,Queen, Aerosmith, Lonestar, Brad Paisley, Tim Mcgraw, Usher, Kenny chesney, Gretchin Wilson,Uncle Kracker,The Steps, Keith Urban, Blink 182, DMX, Courage under Chaos, Switchfoot, Kutless, Led Zeppelin, Destiny's Child, Ciara, The killers, The Hives, Sugarcult, Sublime, Dierks Bentley, Jimi Hendrix, The Exies,Lynard Skynard
Song: hah i have alot of those.. "days go by" & "You'll think of me"-Keith Urban, "Caught Up"-usher, "Redneck woman"-Gretchin Wilson, "Amazed"-lonestar, "Black betty"-Lynard Skynard
Store:American Eagle, Urban outfitters <33, Pac sun,
TV Show:Vh1 i love the 90's,Vh1 i love the 80's,,Mad tv, Friends, My wife and kids,
Movie:The Notebook, You got served, Honey, Without a paddle, Sweet Home Alabama, Elf
Fondest memory:Its hard for me to find a sport i like, im either not good at it or just dont like to play it. But once i finally found my sport i stuck with it.Im a swimmer, its basically my life. Last summer was the 2nd time sense my 5th grade year i was on this team. I hardly remember my 5th grade summer league, and i absolutly hated the meets every saturday. But last year when i got serious about my swimming, i loved the meets, they were a blast, just hanging out with friends while you waited for you heat. and ill admit im very competitivew when it comes to swimming, and i remember at my first meet of the summer when i won my first race, it was the best feeling in the world. My dad(who i had always seen congratulate my brother on the sport he was involved in) told me he was so proud of me, that i did awesome, and all that. And i loved that feeling, i mean i know my dad loves me but for the longest time i had been jealose of my brother and all of his sports, becuase he is good at them, and i wanted that.I know it sounds kind of stupid but thats probably one of many good memories, i have.

Gay Marriage:
This is a very tough subject..and im not quite sure how i feel about it 100%. I feel i dont have the right to tell anyone who to love and who to marry. If you want to get married to the same sex as yourself then i say go for it,whatever makes you happy. I wouldnt disown one of my friends if they told me they were gay/lesbian. Love is a beautiful and precious thing, and if you found love with someone of the same gender then who cares. The fact is that you love each other, and thats great no matter who it may be with.
War: I dont like the war going on right now, because innocent lives are being taken. And my good friend is in the Army, i pray that he stays safe everytime he is sent out there to fight for his country, and i dont know what i would do if i lost him. But i understand why we are at war, because we are helping them rebuild there governement into something better then what they had before.I just hope it all ends soon. I believe war should be avoided at all costs, unless its just something we have to do.
Underage Drinking:Many of my friends drink, and I have been tempted many times to go out to those type of parties and drink with them, but i never have. Ive seen some people go to people i have respected, and looked up to to someone that absolutly makes me sick to talk to when they are wasted. Besides beer is nasty, I had a sip of it one year with my parents for New Years, and it was not the best. Why not just wait untill 21 years of age to drink, i mean by the time you find out about drinking maybe at the youngest your 13 thats only a few more years to wait, you have waited about 13 im sure you can wait about 7 more.

Plans for the future:
I want to go to College, either to Texas State, back home in Georgia and attend UGA, or UT(University of Tennessee) I want to study Psychology because im so fasinated about how and why we do the things we do and to understand relationhips with people and what not, I do not want to be a Therapist however. Becoming a fashion designer has always been a huge dream of mine and its a tough business, im up for the challenge =). But if that doesnt work out, Being a makeup/hair stylist for models doing run way shows and what not would be very fun to!
If you could have one thing, what would it be and why?: Probably my Great Aunt who died about when i was 8. I miss her alot, and i have many good memories when ever i would go down there on the farm. Plus she made the best peppermint ice cream in the state of Georgia =)
How did you find out about us: I was invited by xenjoyincubusx
Promote to two communities OTHER than promotion communities or two livejournals.:
Any last words?: Breathe. Stretch. Shake. Let it Go
Wake these people up and show them they keep dreamin'
hah. sorry this song is stuck in my head =)

[.*Cam Whore*.]
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The End.<3 Thanks for your time!

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