February 11th, 2005



I finally have power! I'm soo happy!

A couple of things
One. Did I forget to put any of you guys on the accepted list? I hate when I do that and I'm not sure if I did.
Two. I've been going through the members list and the following people haven't been active in a while; mr___chainsaw, alwayz_dream1n, red___lights, junebaby818, __jeordie__, _worldisyours, jess4770, and hiddenxxsecrets have no been active in quite some time. Some haven't been active at all. So if you see this please reply to this entry by February 21st, 2005 or you will be thrown off the members list. I think that's fair guys, you need to be active to be in this community.

Ok keep those member pictures coming :)


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Co-Mod//After Pep Rally*

I'm so mad at myself! I forgot my camera and we had the pep rally today. Oh well, here's some pictures of me from like two seconds ago after the pep rally. I'm wearing black, one of the few times you will see it, due to it being the sophomore color. The pep rally was a good one, a member of this community did a great job cheering. I love you Peanut! (aka Sarah, junebaby818)

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