February 10th, 2005



New Layout guys! Thank Jackie _symphonies for your layout! And me for our scroll bar!

And yay for snow days!
Keep promoting
and start the theme god damnit!

O! And please either reply to this entry or post with a picture you want to be in the user info! Please have it be 100 x 100. If you don't know how to make it that way give it to me and I can do it for you!

I'm editing this. ok. I have in the comments a point system idea. But I don't feel like voting on it, I just wanna do it because it'll get the community more active.

Here's how it will work
65 points- to every member you bring in! Your user name must be in there application!
50 points- to every promotion you do for us with proof!
30 points- to your effort in participating in our theme!
20 points- to posts unthemed with pictures!
10 points- to any random post with suggestions for the community!

The person with the most points at the end of the month with be member of the month! This will be copyed into the user info. Get to it guys! Mods can win too, [cough Samantha cough]

And to kick this off I'm giving crazykibb 5 points because she gave us our first picture for the user info. :) Which also means I'll give out random points when I feel like it, my Co-Mod can do the same.