Does this cryogenic chamber make me look

Am I a geek :)?

Name? Jenny
Age? 17
Type of Geek? If I had to associate myself with just one thing, it'd most likely be Harry Potter, but I'm very fond of Lord of the Rings, Slash, Star Trek, Jim Henson movies, X-men, Japan, Vegetarianism, Monty Python, Gilmore Girls, Dinosaurs and assorted other things. My geekdom is that of irrelivant popculture fame :)
Gender? female
Favorite book? Lolita
Favorite movie? Dead Poets Society
Favorite subject? English

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Name? Sinubis
Age? 18
Type of Geek? Maths Geek
Gender? Male
Favorite book? Kane and Abel (Jeffrey Archer)
Favorite movie? The Matrix Trilogy/Donnie Darko
Favorite subject? Maths

As you may have noticed, I put an "s" after "Math", that's coz I'm English muahaha! (just thought you might like to know) :D
clock = time goes on


Name? Ally Smith
Age? 15
Type of Geek? Band Geek
Gender? Female
Favorite book? I have many
Favorite movie? Save the Last Dance
Favorite subject? Math, Gym, and Music

Hi everyone!

Name? Christine
Age? 25
Type of Geek? book
Gender? female
Favorite book? The Woman Warrior by Maxine Hong Kingston
Favorite movie? Schindler's List was the best, but it's too disturbing to watch again. I love Shrek!
Favorite subject? Social studies

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Name: Brieal
Age: 13
Gender: female
Location: Alberta, Canada

Your Favorite...
Movies: Donnie Darko, The Butterfly Effect, The Nightmare Before Christmas
Subject: Anything but Math and PhysEd. (I'm in french immersion so everyone thinks its amazing that I'm in love with science.)
Bands: Check out the PARTIAL list at
Songs: Everything by any number of my favorite bands. Especially "Hang 'Em High - My Chemical Romance", and "The Crimson - Atreyu".
Sport: Endurance Swimming
Color: Purple
Shampoo: Stuff that smells like fruit... :P
Book: The Minds of Billy Milligan, Sybil, The Chronicles of Narnia, All of the Harry Potter series EXCEPT the Half Blood Prince because it makes Dumbledore look like an idiot.

(the next four answers are kept as is from the ones shanbangs wrote because I agree completely.)
Gay Marriage: Legalize it now. BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.
Death Penalty: Wrong unless applied only to mass murderers eg. Saddam Hussein, Bin Laden, Milosevic
Smoking: Get the industry's lobbyists out of Washington.
Religion: Freedom of lifestyle.

Most Importantly...

What makes you a geek?: It's just one of those things that no one can explain.
What geeky things have you done lately?: Took an online SAT test in english. (I scored 16/30 if your wondering)
Do you like school?: yes
What do you label yourself as?: BassNut to the EXTREME
How would you escape from a sinking ship?: I'd try to swim, but a shark would eat me because I'm slow as sin in the water. I'm better at endurance.
If you were stuck in an elevator, what would your first reaction be?: Check to see if my Mp3 player has enough batteries. If it doesn't I carry a pack of AAA's around with me all the time anyways.
Do you own a pocket protector?: ... not last time I checked no...
Would you date me?: ... sorry, no... I'm not into the whole "dating" scene
What's your favorite show on Comedy Central?: Just for Laughs Comedy Tour
Do you have any pets?: As of tomorrow I will... I'm getting a hamster
Have you ever been to a dance alone or with a relative?: nope. If I go to a dance it's with my best friend or with a group.
Make us laugh, post a funny picture.: I don't have any funny pictures. :(
Picture of yourself?: There should be more then one there. :)
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Name? Brieal :)
Age? 13
Type of Geek? I was awarded 4 super shiny, platinum geek stars by my own family. I'm pretty much an all-around geek.
Gender? Female
Favorite book/s? The Minds of Billy Milligan, Sybil, (All) Harry Potter, (All) Chronicles of Narnia, (All) Clone War Chronologs
Favorite movie/s?All the Star Trek movies, Donnie Darko, The Butterfly Effect, All the Harry Potter movies
Favorite subject? Band, Science, French, Social Studies, English... basicly anything but Math and PhysEd

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Band Camp is over... and I'm a little sad. Next practice is on thursday and School Starts on Monday and I'm glad about that. I'm taking two of my classes online and I got accepted for one of them this morning and I'm glad about that as well. But Two of the clubs that I'm in, no longer have a sponsor because he quit. I'm president of one of these clubs and it's just irritating... I think I'm going to go back to sleep for like an hour, go volunteer, then go dye my hair. Because I have nothing better to do... _heart_

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Name: Pamela Aracena
Type of Geek: TI-calculators, Math, and Science
Gender: Female
Favorite book: The Count of Monte Cristo
Favorite movie:Pricilla Queen of the Desert
Favorite subject: Math and Sience (but, I prefer Math over science)

I live in Miami and i'm taking a collge algebra course. Its a dual enrollment program that they have for high school students. But besides that, how has your summer been?