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Are you a dork?

Hmm... Let us decide!

Are you a dork? The #1 dorky rating community.
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  1. Join.

  2. Submit Application.
    • Must be behind a <lj-cut>.
    • Must be within two (2) days.
    • Don't alter after post.
    • Put "Null & Void" at the end.

  3. Don't post or comment until you are stamped unless it's your own application.

  4. Be accepted.
    • Three (3) more Yes votes than No.
    • Receive stamp.

  5. Promotions and pictures must be behind a <lj-cut>.

  6. After you are stamped, if you feel you're sexy enough, you may join hot_dorks :)


Copy, Paste here & Fill Out:

Warning: The above application contains HTML. It is there for your convenience and to make your application clean, neat and easy to read. If you use the Rich Text Editor or if you just like doing your own HTML, please use the application found on the main page.

Promotional Banner Contest Winner:

Join: _are_you_a_dork@livejournal.com

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