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Sooo this is random...but I had to share the dorkiness...my bf and I have basically planned our next 3 years of Halloween in college...*coughgogatorscough*

Next year we're definitely going as Ash and Misty from Pokemon...we're pretty excited. I got him Ash's hat for x-mas..hehe, it's a start :D Not sure how we're going to get the rest, but it'll happen...mmmhm :)

Junior year is either going to be Link/Zelda or Mario/Princess Peach...not sure...opinions?

And for our last year..Han Solo/Princess Leia..*squee*

Then we remembered Hermione/Ron, but decided we could dress as them when the new movies open in theaters...

YAY for dorktastic relationship fun!!!
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I was in the Washington DC area again this week.  It was OK.

A potentially amusing anecdote:

When I went to check into my hotel the front desk clerk asked me for a picture ID.  I showed her my driver's license and she jokingly noted that the picture didn't look like me.  I replied that I had lost a bit of weight since the picture had been taken (it's true - about 20 lbs since October).  She said that that was cool and asked how I did it.  I said that I did it the old fashioned way - eat less and exercise more.  She smiled.  I waited a few moments and added "That, plus a $500 a day heroin habit really made the weight melt away"  My colleague who was standing next to me choked and gave a hearty laugh.  I thought it was pretty funny too.  Later, the desk clerk said that she would pray for me.

Later, when I told DW about it, she said that I was an idiot. 

So - a poll:
Poll #1122504 Funny or stupid?

Funny or not?

Very funny
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Slightly amusing
Childish and stupid
Deeply disturbing

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When I supposed to be buying birthday presents...

I finally got some money, so after school on Monday, I rushed right over to the mall, which is a good hour out of my way, through the slippery and snow covered streets, ran into Hot Topic and grabbed the last Zelda: A Link to the Past Triforce Necklace in stock and I have not taken it off since then. Whenever I feel out of it, I just remind myself that the power of the Triforce will guide me!

A link to the necklace
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