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My once in a blue moon post.

I just -love- how observant I am of the little things.

I work at a Comic Shop for my second job, and, before going in on Saturday mornings, I have breakfast at the Coney Island next door. Now... I usually always have the same thing, and rarely look at the menu, let alone the front page. But one day I did. And I noticed, in their address, that they had a strange zip code.

Now... being originally from Canada, I know that depending on the street or block or section of the city you live in, you can have a different postal code. But I also learned that each city here (well, maybe not each, but most) has its own zip code. So when I saw the different zip code than what I'm used to, I asked my husband if there was another zip code to the city that I didn't know about. He didn't know, so we asked the waitress. She didn't know (not being from the same city to begin with) so we asked the cook. Apparently I spotted a printing mistake that nobody else ever had. I was proud of myself.

Yesterday we went to eat at Red Robin for supper. They have advertisement blocks that I just love to read (you can even read the random nonesense on the bottom! It told me that it was impossible for me to clap my hands while holding the cube. Which is true). As supper progressed, i continually glanced to one advertisement, which was basically a gourmet burger created by a kid.

A la francais.

When the waitress came to give us our bill, I told her that I was french, and that (aside from the lack of a "ç", which most english keyboards can't produce, anyway) there should be an E at the end of the word, making it "francaise", since francais was used as an adjective and not a noun.

She said that she was also french, and that I was right. Apparently she is from Quebec, just like me!

I find spelling/grammatical mistakes all the time with anglicized french. As someone who IS french, it annoys me to no end. Anybody else wish they were official spelling/grammar/whatever checkers for certain companies?

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