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;P Fleece-y

So this weekend I'm going to a convention, I-Con, at my college.
Big fun thing. Anime, Sci-Fi, a bit of a Ren Fair~ It's just a mosh posh.

Today I spent about 4 hours making a hat to wear tonight, however I'm not sure if it looks so great.
So I figured I'd ask you dorktastic people, because, of course, it's a dorky hat.

I decided to make a Pikmin hat. Pikmin, those cute little buggers~ I, myself, have never played the game, but they're cute.

I picked the blue one, because he's cuuute.
But useless, from what I hear.

I look horrible right now, I really need to shower, but that's what it looks like when I'm wearing it.

So what do you think? Good enough?
Or nope, don't wear it.

I'm really looking for honest answers, so if it does look bad, please don't be nice about it.
If there's something you don't like, just say so. ;P
I know the flower isn't the same, and I have an antennae, instead of it going into a bit of a peak, but I don't think it matters. If it does let me know?

XP I feel so needy.

Edit: I wore the hat, and quite a few people commented it, and others asked me where I got it. ;D
What made me happiest is that people knew what I was. XD
Thanks for your inputz!
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