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A call to arms...

Hey guys.

Because eljay is doing it's retarded content-nazi thing again some fandom members are participating in a Content Strike on the 21st (Friday) from 12am-12am (GMT).

During these 24 hours you don't post anything (self explanatory, yeah?). Not a mandatory thing, obviously, but it is important to me and many of the other members of various fandoms. So if you are sick of eljay screwing with what we can and cannot post based on skewed ideas and morals, participate in the Strike and stand up for fandom ... or freedom. Just stand up. We just want them to take notice that we don't like what they're doing and that if it continues, we'll take our members elsewhere.

So. Content Strike March 21, 2008. Show eljay who's boss. "0 posts, 0 comments, any questions?"

Thanks guys.

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