The American Quarter Horse

... the most popular breed in the world.

American Quarter Horse
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This is a community for lovers of the most popular breed in the world: the American Quarter Horse.
Whether you are a professional or simply love the horse for leisure, this community is meant to bring us together by our common bond. There are more Quarter Horses in California than Paso Finos in the world; there are more Quarter Horses in Florida than people in Colorado; all of this is for a reason. Although horses in general are wonderful, the versatility and willingness of the Quarter Horse and the member options of the American Quarter Horse Association have made it surpass all breeds, regardless that the industry is less than 100 years old. The QH can do just about everything from your traditional western events to the classic english classes, or the thrilling timed games, or even racing, considering it the fastest sprinting horse breed in the world. Although athletic, the QH is known for its trainability and levelheadedness. And overall, the Quarter Horse is for everyone. It doesn't matter whether you're wealthy or poor, a quality Quarter Horse is within your grasp, and you can live your dreams through it.

When you join, you may post a little something about yourself and how you relate to the QH. It is not a must, but it lets you introduce yourself, and if you own a horse it gives you bragging rights. :]

1. Keep it related!
2. Keep cursing to a minimum!
3. Remember: courtesy is contagious.
4. Two or more pictures must be put under an lj cut.

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