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Horse DNA stuff [04 Aug 2009|08:59pm]
Hi all,

New to Live Journal, and actually pretty new to horses as well, but we've have been longtime admirers of the species. Our lab group has started comparing the DNA profiles of most horse breeds (from Shires to ponies), and we've found that we can distinguish maternal origin of a horse by its mitochondrial DNA sequence. Mitochondria are organelles in animal cells that are passed from the mother to her offspring. The father's mitochondria are destroyed soon after fertilization. Therefore, by looking at the sequence of the mitochondrial DNA, we can establish maternal lineage back tens of thousands of years. (It's already done in humans…look up "haplogroup" on wiki for more info.) So, we can establish the geographical origin of your horses' mother's-mother's-mother's-mother's-mother's…..mother. We own two thoroughbreds and the maternal line of one stems from northwestern Africa, while the other's maternal line originated in the Middle East. It's like human genealogy but with horses. From the sequence information, we can also tell you what well-known horses share maternal origin with your horse(s). For instance, one of my friends' mustangs (named Chippewa) shares mitochondrial DNA with 9 of the last 20 Kentucky Derby winning horses! So if you have an interest in knowing more about your horse than you ever thought possible, e-mail us at horsemito@hotmail.com to get more information on methods and pricing.

Keep in mind this is just for informational and entertainment purposes. The mitoDNA region we sequence has no known function, so we can't establish the health of your horse. Nor do we wish to!
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new member new horse! [04 Aug 2009|10:37am]

Hi! I'm Renee and I just joined LJ again for the first time in 2 years. Figured I'd start keeping tabs on my stuff away from Facebook and Myspace and all that other junk. I've owned horses since I was a kid and particularly dig the Stock Horse variation... Though I'm madly in love with all the Spanish and Baroque types and of course Warmbloods. In my opinion there's no such thing as an ugly horse. Currently I live in Alberta, Canada and own two horses: a paint mare and a yearling AQHA colt. Just bought the AQHA colt not too long ago. Imported him from the states and he's amazing. I do have to send in his registration papers which brings me to the fun part!

Colt is by the lovely Dualin Gun and out of Touchdown Memory who's a daughter of Colonel Doc Bar Chex who was the 2000 Worlds Greatest Horseman Reserve Champion among other things like 2000 NRCHA Stallion Stakes Two Rein Open Champion and other amazing accolades. With bloodlines like these he was impossible to pass up. And he's AMAZING. Calm. Cool. Collected. We've already saddled and ponied him and he just stood there with a sigh like "I've been waiting for you to do this." We figure he'll be about 15 hands. Not too tall, not too short for a good cutting/reining horse. Pictures posted below in collage format. Would love to hear what folks think! And name suggestions are always appreciated. Been thinking about "Ima Magnum Man" or "Hesa Magnum Man"

Dualin Gun:
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Pictures of Schneil! [04 Feb 2008|08:19am]


So this is the horse I lease, Chasin' Stars. His owner has dubbed him Neil... BEcause of an accident when he was 2. I call him Bottom, lol.

In case anyone didn't realize.. We're western pleasure and huntseat... NOT jumpers...lol.=]

He's so pretty. They almost sold him out from under me a few days ago... But Uh, I might have told the woman he's a nightmare to ride... coz he can be... and I might have told her that he loves me... and i might have told her i have a FULL FKN LEASE on him...=]

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[05 Aug 2007|10:46am]

[ mood | busy ]

Does anyone know where I can find a relatively cheap western show halter for a weanling/yearling.  I'm going to be showing my filly soon, and I need to get a show halter for her.  Thing is, she's a bit petite.  I had to punch 2 more holes into her yearling halter when I bought it for her in May back when we were moving barns.  So right now I'm looking for either a yearling or a weanling show halter for a western halter show.

If anyone knows of where I can get one (used or new, I'm not being picky right now... but I'd like it to be in pretty good condition if it's used), please let me know.


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Circle Y Dark Oil Halter Mare Sz on eBay [20 Jul 2007|07:31pm]

Circle Y halter...Collapse )
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[09 Jul 2007|12:03pm]

Zippos Old Gold passed away...


I am fortunate to have seen him last March, he was very arthritic and gray but still such a handsome stallion. (I actually liked him better IRL than in his pictures.) RIP
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Meant for Champagne [03 Jul 2007|12:50am]


For whatever reason, I don't have any GOOD body shots of him.

I'll take more soon.
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[01 Jul 2007|08:49pm]

bored, so I decided to upload some pix from my cell... Taken within the last weekCollapse )
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[27 Jun 2007|07:23pm]

This community is dead! come on guys, post stuff about your horses!

Anyone else going to the Youth World this year? I am!!!
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[20 May 2007|06:46pm]

TexasCollapse )
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For Sale [22 Apr 2007|07:05pm]

[ mood | awake ]

I come here today to post some tack for sale (I'm poor due to the fact that I'm switching barns and board is a bit more expensive there).  If you or anyone you know would be interested in any of this, please email me.  My email is at the bottom of the list.  Thanks! :)

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Stolen Horses [13 Mar 2007|10:23pm]


Here are some horse that have been stolen recently. If you have any information please contact the owners.



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For sale [11 Mar 2007|08:06pm]

MargaritasAtMidnight - 2003 HYPP N/N 15.1 HH HIGH dunfactor grulla mare. Tri-reg; AQHA/IBHA/ABRA. 2004 Reserve world champion yearling LongeLine - Top 5 Yearling Halter. 2004 Florida State Grand Champion Halter Mare. 150 days professional training under saddle. Shown and placing at all local shows in Halter. Unshown undersaddle. Sire boasts AQHA ROM in Halter and HUS. Started in Showmanship. Super super cool mare who gets along with other horses ( INCLUDING OTHER MARES!!!! ). Ideal for Novice/Amateur/Youth exhibitor looking to show on the ground and under saddle on an incredibly BIG mover that will get you places! Or for someone looking for a broodmare that I'd seriously consider paying the money to cross to Indian Artifacts, Skys Blue Boy, One Hot Krymsun, or Invitation Only. OR! Cross her to the Halter stallion of your DREAMS! Nice big foot on this mare, no itty bitty teensy weensy feet that are just BEGGING for navicular. Currently she is NOT beefed up for serious Halter competition as she is under saddle and being worked. 60/90 days stuffing her with hay & criotein will get you at least 800 more lbs on her. Definitely not for speed events! Current X-Rays available for your vets to examine. Vet Checks are MORE then welcome! Pictures and videos available! "Marilyn" is insured with a transferable insurance so no need for shipping woes! - asking $7500 for quick sale. May consider trade for HUS prospect or EXTREME Western Pleasure prospect. Only for sale due to my need for a larger horse to compete in Open HUS/Hack/Working Hunter classes with.
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FOR SALE [11 Mar 2007|12:32pm]

Hot Pleasures ("Toby") is a '96 AQHA/IBHA Buckskin Gelding by Chips Hot Chocolate and out of Leah Leaguer (Multiple Superior WP and AQHA World Show Top Ten Placer).  He has over 30 AQHA Youth & Novice Youth Points- with limited showing- in Showmanship, Horsemanship, Equitation, and Western Pleasure.  Toby's very easy to ride, has a great personality, and can take a youth or amateur to the top in all-around events.  Asking $12,000.

(I ♥ QHs.)

[04 Mar 2007|11:35am]

hey everyone, i'm new to lj (post mainly on greatestjournal) and would love some friends to add :) i show a registered quarter horse on the A/AA hunter/jumper circuits in the large green ponies. she used to be a cowpony down in texas and her registered name is crimson rapt but we call her ruby slippers. here's a picture of me and her, her being cute and me being dumb ;-)

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I can finally ride again...but now what? [28 Feb 2007|07:14pm]
My mare has been on stall rest for 30 days due to issues with her high suspensory. Today her high suspensory was injected and I can start riding her again on Monday. The vet said "just keep in mind she has been out of work for awhile, ease her back in to work." (She went from being ridden twice a day to not at all, so for her 30 days must feel like forever.) Due to her soreness and coming up lame from it we do not lunge her unless we REALLY REALLY have to. We normally free lunge her in our outdoor to take the edge off. With the ground finally thawing up we will be able to do this again. Because she was just injected, would it be a bad idea to let her run around a little on her own? I cannot just get on this mare after 30 days off! I would also prefer not to lunge her if I don't have to. What would you do?

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video and... WOW! [19 Feb 2007|02:59pm]
[ mood | awake ]

y, so I have been so super busy with life... and school and just well crap... I hate school, I cannot wait for summer, seriously I'm in my third week of the semester and I want to drowned myself in my pool... grrrr... this semester is NOT going to go well...

But, on the flip side... heres a video I made of my handsome little devil of a horse. I've never made vids before and I just got a new Mac a few weeks ago and LOVE LOVE LOVE it, so, I decided to play around with iMovie and see what I could make...

Alrighty, so heres the video for any interested... :)


AND THEN, so In my Animal Science class we were talking about genetics in animals, how you can breed certain traits in and out, homozygous vs. heterozygous and all that jazz... so I kind of was zoning out (it was 85 degrees out, all I could think about was getting my butt to the barn as soon as class was over at 12:30 to ride) then I hear...

Instructor: Who here likes horses?
Me (and 3 other girls in class - a class of 45): ::raises hand::
Instructor: So, there was a horse named 'Impressive' and he had HYPP - which is a type of joint/muscle disease that causes muscle tremors, bouts of falling down - it can ultimatley lead to death.

so of course, at this point I'm trying to scribble notes down about all this - I've heard of HYPP, but I was like 'um, okay, my horses are okay' and never thought twice about it. So....

Me: Um, can you repeat that last part?
Inst: Come see me after class and I'll get you guys the info if you want it.

So, after class I go up to him and ask him to email me the info. I went out to the barn and rode for a while, then came home. I bought my horse about 2 years ago and he's a registered QH, but when I bought him I wasnt 18 yet and had a joint AQHA membership with my mom, so I wanted to wait to register him under my name until I turned 18. So, I finally got all the paperwork together and got my mebership stuff situated with AQHA so I can get him transfered to me as the sole owner. I was scanning through his Brackett Pedigree and his records, and low and behold I see the name 'Impressive' under Maternal Grandsire... my heart stopped... I was like "WTF?" So, I look up under where it says what markings he has and it says 'HYPP Test= N/N" so I'm guessing he doesnt have it... or hopefully doesnt. But, knowing about genetics and all that crazy stuff I was like... wow... only in a blue moon would a horse that some random 19 year old -nobody girl in Cali have a grandpa whose famous.... wow....

So... thats my catch-up stuff hope I didnt bore you guys too bad... :)

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[11 Feb 2007|12:55pm]

My gelding was in training, and about 3mos into it he started getting a sore back. After a couple weeks off, he didn't show signs of soreness anymore, but after a week back into riding he became sore again.

I think it's muscle because I rub EPF5 on it and he's okay, but it comes back the next day. Now I'm riding him with extra padding and cushioning, but I want him to heal completely. Would a chiropractor help? What's everyone's experience with one? thanks
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Fun game for all horselovers [11 Feb 2007|02:45am]
Definately worth checking out, Great members and the owner is always on. Plus it takes very little time to play, maybe 10 minutes a week!
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Tack for Sale! [26 Jan 2007|09:01pm]

[ mood | bored ]

I hope this is an okay thing, because I have TONS of stuff I need rid of.

English/Western headstalls.
Show clothes. [english AND western]
Chaps. [show AND schooling].

Prices vary.
Other items available.

Ask me ANYTHING about ANY piece.
I am more than happy to take photos of anything you'd like.

I'd be willing to trade an UNUSED tan/black western pleasure show pad [PROCHOICE] for a PLAIN BLACK Prochoice blanket.

Paypal will be acceptable when I can figure out how to work it...
Or we can discuss other shipping methods.
[shipping NOT included in prices, fyi.]

Lemme know!

All pieces were used on my LARGE AQHA gelding, Meant for Champagne.

That outfit is for sale.

That is not.
Just reference to show you how big his head is.

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