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New to Live Journal, and actually pretty new to horses as well, but we've have been longtime admirers of the species. Our lab group has started comparing the DNA profiles of most horse breeds (from Shires to ponies), and we've found that we can distinguish maternal origin of a horse by its mitochondrial DNA sequence. Mitochondria are organelles in animal cells that are passed from the mother to her offspring. The father's mitochondria are destroyed soon after fertilization. Therefore, by looking at the sequence of the mitochondrial DNA, we can establish maternal lineage back tens of thousands of years. (It's already done in humans…look up "haplogroup" on wiki for more info.) So, we can establish the geographical origin of your horses' mother's-mother's-mother's-mother's-mother's…..mother. We own two thoroughbreds and the maternal line of one stems from northwestern Africa, while the other's maternal line originated in the Middle East. It's like human genealogy but with horses. From the sequence information, we can also tell you what well-known horses share maternal origin with your horse(s). For instance, one of my friends' mustangs (named Chippewa) shares mitochondrial DNA with 9 of the last 20 Kentucky Derby winning horses! So if you have an interest in knowing more about your horse than you ever thought possible, e-mail us at to get more information on methods and pricing.

Keep in mind this is just for informational and entertainment purposes. The mitoDNA region we sequence has no known function, so we can't establish the health of your horse. Nor do we wish to!

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Hi! I'm Renee and I just joined LJ again for the first time in 2 years. Figured I'd start keeping tabs on my stuff away from Facebook and Myspace and all that other junk. I've owned horses since I was a kid and particularly dig the Stock Horse variation... Though I'm madly in love with all the Spanish and Baroque types and of course Warmbloods. In my opinion there's no such thing as an ugly horse. Currently I live in Alberta, Canada and own two horses: a paint mare and a yearling AQHA colt. Just bought the AQHA colt not too long ago. Imported him from the states and he's amazing. I do have to send in his registration papers which brings me to the fun part!

Colt is by the lovely Dualin Gun and out of Touchdown Memory who's a daughter of Colonel Doc Bar Chex who was the 2000 Worlds Greatest Horseman Reserve Champion among other things like 2000 NRCHA Stallion Stakes Two Rein Open Champion and other amazing accolades. With bloodlines like these he was impossible to pass up. And he's AMAZING. Calm. Cool. Collected. We've already saddled and ponied him and he just stood there with a sigh like "I've been waiting for you to do this." We figure he'll be about 15 hands. Not too tall, not too short for a good cutting/reining horse. Pictures posted below in collage format. Would love to hear what folks think! And name suggestions are always appreciated. Been thinking about "Ima Magnum Man" or "Hesa Magnum Man"

Dualin Gun:

Pictures of Schneil!

So this is the horse I lease, Chasin' Stars. His owner has dubbed him Neil... BEcause of an accident when he was 2. I call him Bottom, lol.

In case anyone didn't realize.. We're western pleasure and huntseat... NOT]

He's so pretty. They almost sold him out from under me a few days ago... But Uh, I might have told the woman he's a nightmare to ride... coz he can be... and I might have told her that he loves me... and i might have told her i have a FULL FKN LEASE on him...=]

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