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Hey guys,

Just wanted to give you a heads up that The Militia Group has an official community at themilitiagrp! Check it out for news on all our current artists and even some updates on our alums. We hope to get media and vids up there too in time. But first we need members! Come say hi.

<3, TMG Faye

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can anyone confirm that the boys life drummer is playing with old canes?

if so, i am pretty thrilled - i have been listening to the cast and boys life since i was about 14, and it sounds like a pretty sweet combination to me.

Hey there...

... a fledgling here. Just saying hi and wondering if anyone has the full lyrics for "Convict" (I noticed that an entire verse is missing from the online transcriptions I've found). And if anyone has the lyrics for "Woodland Hunter (Part 2)"? Thanks in advance. :)
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New LLO Pressing out

Yeah, so I caught this in a myspace bulletin and am reprinting it. I don't remember Chris or Aaron saying anything about Deep Elm being involved with this. I buzzed Chuck and John over at Deep Elm to ask if they'll be putting out the Mare Vitalis and Two Conversation pressings too, but knowing them it might take a day or two to get a response. Anyways, here is a repost of the bulletin, and I have to say, the colors are a lot diffent than I was expecting, but I really like them.

LLO BulletinCollapse )
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Who bought one?

It seems like everyone was buying these shirts! well its not a pic of the shirt, but you know.  I actually wanted one but they sold out! I tried the website and even they don't have anymore, I hope this wasn't a rare find cos I will be bummed out.  If anyone wants to spare theres I'll pay top notch! or will i......

Oh and YO! to anyone who attended the Middle East, MA, sweet show! EPIC. I was hopping up and down and probably looked out of place as usually BUT I LOVE THEM THAT MUCH! appleseed needs more rockin' out peeples!

Also this pic! Quality isn't that good, but still a pic is a pic! I also recorded some video but theres no sound!!! i have a few more, but I had some trouble with them.
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The Sea and The Stars

Here's a mystery: The Appleseed Cast's official website went through many incarnations and in one of those early incarnations it spanned a geocities site as well as the official domain. On the geocities site is tablature for a few songs from Mare Vitalis and Ring Wars. Additionally there is a song listed under "Lost Songs" named "The Sea and The Stars" listed before "The Spider Wall"

So the question is what the hell song is "the sea and the stars"? I'm not a good enough guitar player to figure out if it is an existing song just by looking at the tab (and i don't have a guitar handy). It is an early song as it uses the open D tuning used throughout Ring Wars...

Is this a song that was renamed and featured on the "Lost Songs" album, or is this another (truly lost) song altogether? Any ideas?

It *may* have been Chris himself who made the tab page as the meta tags in the HTML include
<META NAME="Author" CONTENT="Christopher">

it also shows up on the original fan page here: