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Let It Go


We All Want More
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Welcome to the _aphasia Community!
There are just a few simple rules we'd like everyone to follow!

[1] This is a drama-free community! We don't mind debate but we DO mind insults. Learn the difference. You will only be warned once.

[2] Try to keep on topic. The topic being Aphasia. If you want to talk about something else like other shows in your area or Bay area please mention Aphasia. You may ask for rides and tickets to other shows but remember we are not responsible for lost or stolen items!! If you aren't sure whats on topic or not, feel free to post anyways, but make sure you make a point to say you aren't sure if it's cool to post it or not. Otherwise abbey1210, hangthedj or ajslildevil69 will warn you.

[3] If you are posting photos, please try and post one and the rest behind an LJ CUT! Check the links on the bottom for how to do cuts. All photos posted are property of the persons posting. If you wish to use a photo- make sure you have their permission and grant credit where necessary. ALL photos posted by ajslildevil69 can only be used with her direct permission

[4] Introduce yourself! Fill out this survey for us so we can get to know eachother better!
How you found out about Aphasia:
Some of Your favorite bands:
(optional)Picture of yourself:

[5] If you want to advertise please also mention about Aphasia in your post. Advertisments made by members that have not introduced themselves will be deleted and you will be warned.

[6] Rules may be changed at a later point it time- if this happens, we will inform the community!

You will have a 3 strike rule when it comes to warnings, unless otherwise stated. Harassment will not be tolerated and if you have any issues regarding our rules feel free to contact us. DO NOT come to our personal journals and question us, you will be ignored.

If you would like to become an affiliate let us know! We would like to be able to promote bands everywhere and this is a great way to do so.



Posting Images
Official Aphasia Website
Purevolume: Aphasia
Offficial Aphasia Messageboard