screw all the emo kidz!!!!11111oneoneoenoen!!11
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|[a community like no other]|
this community was created to be a sort of parody of those "omfg, you're SOOOOO hawt!!11oneone!!1!" communities out there, yet serving another, greater purpose. To bring all you emo-hater-kids together. an oasis of sanity in the midst of a thousand emo tears. while we don't particularly care what you look like, how you feel, etc., seeing as we're technically a rating community, you'll fill out teh questionnaire you'll find in this info. pay close attention to the rules and disclaimer and what-not, cuz we're not fucking around. for all you potential emo posters out there, be warned... we'll not be kind with our words to you. altho, watching you attempt to defend your "feelings" against us will cause us a great deal of amusement...

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deathkitten & anathemaxdesign

Spring flowers are blooming and I'm all saaadddd
I'm taking all these weird angled pictures of myself for my blooogggggg
'Cuz I hope that someone will comment and tell me how beautiful I aaaaaaammmm
I need love and attention and admiratioooooonnnnn

blah blah blah.

Yeh.. uhm.. you suck, and no one cares.

[x]Emo Kidz are not welcome.
[x]Emo haterz are.
[x]Emo posters will be banned and openly ridiculed.
[x]Emo posts will be ridiculed and flamed, in hopes to make you feel even worse about yourself than you already do.
[x]You will promote our leetness in your own journal, and prove it.
[x]You will fill out the stupid questionnaire and post it accordingly.
[x]You will be judged by a group of people so much cooler than thee, in hopes that you will join their ranks. ;p
[x]Any pictures posted, and otherwise long enties must be put behind an LJ Cut. If you are unable to do so, you shouldn't be here, anyway.
[x]more rules coming soon


[x]Sex: [no annoying clever answers like "yes, please!!1!"]
[x]Sexual Preference:
- Bands:
- Movies:
- Commercials:
- Foods:
[x]Do you think that you're emo?
- Why?
- Why not?
[x]What's your favorite piece of clothing?
- Why?

Do You:
[x]Wear thick rimmed glasses?
[x]Wear a beret?
[x]type. like. this.
[x]cut yourself, then take pictures of it, and turn that into an icon?
[x]Shop at Hot Topic?
- Thrift Shops?
- Good Will?
- Often?

[cool, trendy stamps]


[x] accepted stamp [x] rejected stamp [x]

[post this in your journal, should you be accepted]

[you suck, and no one cares.]
-join _antiemoxcore -

note - keep in mind that this community is basically to make fun of all those "rating" communities and "emo kidz". we truly don't give a fuck if we offend you, or hurt your precious little emo feelings in the process. our disclaimer is this, "this is our community. if anything that the members say offends your fragile little mind, DON'T READ IT. if our views and your views don't match, stfu, cuz no one else gives a shit, so don't expect us to. if you continue to hang around and bitch and whine about being offended, expect to be hurt and to shed many of those pretty little emo tears.

[if you like this community, and have a WeedWeb, please visit our sister community there, _AntiEmoXcore!]