Believe in America.

Say no to Bush.
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This community is for people who are against Bush. This is for anyone and everyone who wants to talk about and learn information about Bush and the next election. We need to know what's going on in our country and what the president is doing. This is a good place to find that out and talk about it. Or even just to write and rant over how much you can't stand him. Soon enough he will no longer be our president. Let's make sure another president like Bush doesn't win.

A lot of communities make people fill out an application, which I never understood. No application is needed. Just follow the rules.

1. You can't be for Bush.
2. No trash talking about or to other livejournal users.
3. If your entry is going to be really long put some of it behind LJ cut so it doesn't take a lot of space on people's friends page.
4. Promote so more people join and it's a more involved community.
5. Please make your entry friends only.

Thanks! And enjoy the community!