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George Rostov's blog has once again pitched its tent upon Hampsted Heath and is now open for business - at a special discounted rate for octagenarian transexuals. 

Consider his blog an see how far one man can confront the blackness sheltering in his watch one fragile, deluded man drive himself to the edge of the listen to one drug-addled ex-rentboy scream in anger at everything and be disgusted at one cross-dressing alcoholic's self-destructive journey into a twilight world of gay saunas, cruising grounds, toilets, sex cinemas, and an addict's hell of cold turkey.

Consider his blog an aberration....of everything that is decent turning to depravity, of virtue raped and debased, of sanity, love and compassion sacrificed in Rostov's mission to replace God with rage, violence and his own philosophy of murder and vice. 

Rimbaud -

De Sade -

Burroughs -

They only went so far....Rostov is going all the way.

This is the pathology of hate.

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