April 20th, 2009


y is it so quiet in hur?

Rudy: Gay marriage will spark backlash

By KENNETH P. VOGEL | 4/20/09 12:27 PM EDT Updated: 4/20/09 1:42 PM EDT

Rudy Giuliani, the thrice-married former New York City mayor, has come out strongly against Democratic Gov. David Paterson's proposed gay marriage bill.

Giuliani's opposition, articulated in an interview with The New York Post published Monday, was widely interpreted as an attempt by the moderate Republican to position himself for a possible run for the party's 2010 New York gubernatorial nomination.

Same-sex marriage is shaping up as a hot-button 2010 issue both in New York and nationally, and Giuliani's comments generated a quick backlash from gay rights groups, which had considered Giuliani an ally during his days in Gracie Mansion.
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