June 24th, 2008

You all just suck

you are all asses.
ok i have lived around gay 
people all my life, and u knwo what?
they act liek regular people because
they are regular people. my best friend is gay.
no im not gay, but that doesnt influence
anything. i cant change ur ways, but 
if two peopel love each other, why 
deny a human right? love is a 
bond that is between two people,
and if they happen to be the same sex,
who cares? they are in love.
there should be nothing wrong with gay marrage.
but you people are too stubborn to live
and let live. gay people go through alot of 
shit because of peopel liek you, and
alot of peopel are sick of it. dont you all 
remember one time in ur life where
you were made fun of because of the way u looked, or the way your hair was?
if u dont then u shouldnt be against gay people, because then ur
just being a bully to gay people. if u do remember a tiem liek that, then u shoudlnt be agaisnt gay people anyway
because they feel worse than u felt when u did.

im just ashamed  

by the way................go suck dick......oh wait you cant because YOUR HOMOPHOBIC!!!!!!!!